Blessing for Japan

May our blessings surround you with a strong circle of light.
May every form of help come your way.
May you be held and healed by our collective love.

Strength Mandala

Strength Mandala


  1. Dear Bonnie, thank you for this extraordinary insight into the world of creation and co-creation.
    I found it so interesting and it reminded me of the long hours I spend in the kitchen, cooking thoughtfully and letting the ingredients speak to me, and tell me in which combinations they should be assembled. Occasionally, one of my diners crosses my mind, and in honour of them, I make a cooking decision – adding mint, for example, which I intuit that the person would need or appreciate, or strawberries atop the chocolate cake.
    Sometimes the decisions take a while to materialise, (after all, I am co-creating with different parts of my self) but gradually a picture slowly emerges and a clear vision, rather like a photograph developing in a dark-room. Once all parts of me consent in ‘Yes’ the vision is complete, and once there is vision and light, then clear action will follow, just as the day follows the night.
    Once again, thank you for expressing this process so clearly and systematically, and enabling me to have more insight into my own creativity. I am looking forward to more hours, not only in the kitchen, but in other parts of my home which at present are ‘cooking’!
    I imagine your home, with its bird-blessed garden, and imagine from your descriptions it must be a particularly sacred place, resonant with divine beings.
    Many warmest wishes and blessings

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