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Being in the Future Now

I’ve just been to the post-2012 future, and it is beautiful. Earth and the heavens have come into a higher harmonic, manifesting in new shapes and forms. Balanced, intentional patterns mix gracefully with the wonderfully chaotic and fractal patterns of Nature. It looks like our art, because that is, of course, what I’m seeing. I have just been contemplating and writing blessings for the 12 new mandalas we have made for our 2013 Bell & Todd Healing Mandalas calendar.
Yes, 2013. In order to meet the publishing cycle, we complete these images about 16 months ahead of the year they pictorially embody.

We began the process of making brand new images for each month of the year in 2003. In 2008, we began to also write meditations for each month’s image. Every year since then, we launch ourselves forward via intuition to see/feel what geometries and elements will best support our collective manifestation for the year we’ve charged ourselves with serving.

The words see and feel best capture the dual process of visioning that goes into perceiving what goes into these calendars. First, David and I project our feeling into that future time. We ask guidance to reveal an essence that will be just right for that year. Usually, we will hear a phrase or perceive a sense of focus. Then, feeling extends into multi-dimensional seeing. We begin to discuss shapes and elements, consulting with intuition to clarify the details. For 2013 for instance, we felt and saw the melding of earthly and cosmic elements. We began to experiment with a new form of whole-flower mandalas (using part of the bloom to make a symmetrical but altered flowers) mixed with photos from the space telescopes. Soon the form solidified and we could clearly feel the theme: “Blessings of Earth and Heaven.”

Once the creation of images is underway, I start to write the meditations. What new form of messaging wants to appear in 2013? I feel my way into the words, delicately and then with growing confidence. David reviews and edits everything written. Finally, we give names to the images. Great care goes into each one, because names have a magic of their own.

We may not climb into a time machine, but we visit the future in order to taste its quality and nurture its positive unfolding. We hope you will enjoy the 2011 and 2012 images, designed in the past to serve our emerging present. Thank you for joining us on this journey through time.

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