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The Joy of Creating a Custom Mandala

There are many reasons people ask us to create a custom mandala for and with them. Some want a unique logo to empower their business or service. Some want to capture the energy of a particular place in Nature. Others are looking for an image for the cover of their book. Additionally, there are people who want a meditation piece to help them center or heal from an illness or challenge.

I always enjoy creating art, but never more so than when we make these custom images. Recently, we collaborated with Heike Vargas of Aurora, Colorado to design a mandala for her wellness business. Heike is a Certified Medical Intuitive/T & DNA Healer and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. From start to finish, co-creating with Heike such a pleasure that it prompted me to write this blog. What made this event flow so smoothly? What makes the co-creation process a joy?

The short answer is that helping someone’s heart-vision take shape is magical and deeply satisfying. When we make custom art, we begin with photographs of real elements: flowers, crystals, feathers, starfields, all the elements of Earth and the heavens. We interview the custom client to draw out his or her or, if a group, their vision. We ask them to say which key words, colors, shapes, symbols, numbers, natural elements are significant to them. What is the feeling essence that they want to embody in the image we are going to craft for them? We take the clients’ clues and put together a photo-collage that brings the elements of their vision together in a beautiful form.

Part of what made the experience of collaborating with Heike so much fun is that she was right there for every part of the process. She was committed and clear in her choices from start to finish. After some initial discussions we created a draft image, and it was very close to what she wanted. And Heike knew just what color element she wanted us to add to take it the rest of the way to embodying her vision. A few small adjustments were made and then, bang! We could all feel when the image took the form that fulfilled the picture in her heart. Here is the mandala we created for Heike (its source materials are listed below).

Vargas Custom Mandala

Source: Water lilies, amethyst, clear crystal with rainbow refractions, blue sky and Ultra Deep galactic field (Hubble Space Telescope/STScl)

I hope this short re-telling allows you to get a feeling for the process of co-creating a custom mandala with us. Now, here are some of the benefits you receive from the beautiful visual result.

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Bell & Todd Custom Mandala

1. Your custom image holds the vibration of your purpose in creating it and empowers that purpose.

2. The image serves as a touchstone that draws positive energy toward your purpose.

3. The image, created with elements and colors that you choose, connects you to Nature in a special way.

4. The image, created with geometries and designs that you choose, connects you to Spirit in a special way.

5. By integrating unique vibration, natural elements and spiritual designs, your custom image becomes an interface with ongoing blessings for you and all who view it.

And one more benefit—it is exhilarating to make art together!

We invite you to engage with us in the pleasurable process of collaboration. To see some of our collaborations, visit our Custom Art page.