Pink Mandalas, Part One

Since my own recovery from advanced breast cancer eight years ago, I have wanted to share the love and support I received. Part of what kept me going was drawing on the radiant energy in the Nature mandalas I make with my husband, David. No matter how down I felt, my heart and my body could be uplifted by these bright, life-filled images. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have picked out seven of our pinkest mandalas to share, along with some stories and writings about healing.

As I perused the galleries of our work, I was simply letting color guide my choices. The first mandala I came across was, appropriately, called Awareness. Its pink, red and green colors all relate to the heart chakra, and help it thrive. We created this image as part of our 2009 Healing Mandalas calendar. The theme of this calendar is Meditations on Personal and Planetary Peace.

Awareness Mandala

Awareness Mandala
Source: Hibiscus flower, fluorite crystal, magnolia petals, and eastern Earth

From its shining blue-green core to its pastel borders, this image sings life’s radiant refrain. Emerging from the dark red field, snowy stems offer life-giving pollen. Looking deeply into Nature, we gain a new perspective. We awaken to an awareness of greater identity. See your planetary self and be at peace.

Receive healing, strengthen peace on our planet.

In the midst of illness, finding peace is an immeasurably valuable gift. It is so easy to fall prey to the gnawing fear of outcomes. So many other worries crowd their way into our already challenged hearts. We need ways to take our attention out of the loop of concern and locate it in the place of calm and balance. We need to touch into the stream of life that is undimmed by the present pattern of disease. Gazing on mandalas like this one helped me immensely. Balance, wholeness, ease, beauty, and the rich essence of growing things–I could draw all these into my system and gain strength. Nature’s remedies, with no side effects save excessive joy.

If you or someone in your family or circle of friends is grappling with breast cancer, David and I send you loving wishes for strength and recovery. And we want to give you two ways to enjoy and share the Awareness Mandala, both at a special discount for October.

1. A fine art print of the Awareness Mandala in any size. Click here to go to our online store for prints and use this 6-letter discount code– PRCYZE– to receive a 15% discount for the month of October.

2. A set of six Awareness Mandala Notecards with the meditation you see above. Click here to purchase this and other Healing Mandala Notecards, also on sale for October.

It is our deep desire that these pink mandalas will bring peace and healing joy to all.


  1. Hi JudyGlad you like the silk mandalas and do exucse me for not getting back until now. Here’s my answer to the question you have asked.The resist technique is when you apply a substance to the silk that forms a barrier and stops the dye flowing freely all over the silk. When you use gutta, it can be left in or removed.I use gold gutta which creates beautiful gold lines and so I leave these in as they are an integral part of the design. You can, however, add clear gutta, too. When you have finished painting on the dyes and fixing them, you can then wash out the gutta, provided it is water-based.If you use the other type of gutta, you will need to take it to a dry-cleaner’s to have it removed which is costly and time-consuming. I always use the water-soluble version which is healthier, too, as there are no fumes to breathe in.Hope this helps, Judy.

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