Pink Mandalas, Part Three: Allies of the Heart

Series introduction: Since my own recovery from advanced breast cancer eight years ago, I have wanted to share the love and support I received. Part of what kept me going was drawing on the radiant energy in the Nature mandalas I make with my husband, David. No matter how down I felt, my heart and my body could be uplifted by these bright, life-filled images. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have picked out seven of our pinkest mandalas to share, along with some stories and writings about healing.

Some of our healing mandalas, including the one featured here, called Bright Ally, include a central figure as well as Nature elements. In this image, the figure is a White Tara, a Tibetan Buddhist goddess associated with healing and long life. While I was deeply ill, I found great comfort in connecting with this feminine deity, whose very purpose is to come to the help of those who are in distress, or suffering from disease. White Tara is the very embodiment of compassion in female form.

Bright Ally Mandala

I am not a Buddhist, though I greatly respect both the practices and artistic creations of that venerable faith. As I mentioned in Part Two of this blog series, I got a big boost in my healing by creating mandalas that included photos of goddess statues from many religions. In making and then meditating on these sacred figures, I was able to connect with the universal essence of loving Mother-energy. Since breast cancer affects an aspect of a woman’s body that is designed to nurture, connecting with images that embody the nurturing Mother are uniquely restorative.

The 12-pointed circle behind the goddess is made from rose quartz, a crystal associated with the heart and the energies of love and compassion. Around her head is a halo made from the photograph of a rainbow, since Tara is can be associated with the “rainbow body” of light. The soft background behind the rose quartz is made from the feathers of a dove, symbol of peace and spiritual awakening. The thin inner border is made from a lily pad with water droplets on it. The rich purple outer border is from passionflowers.

I go into detail in describing these elements because each part of the image adds its own vibration of restorative color, energy, and patterning into the mandala. Together, they form a many-layered vision of radiant life and healing grace. Beyond the visual message, the image conveys a feeling of positiveness and gentle power. I easily found a name for this image—Bright Ally. Not just goddess Tara, but the crystal, bird, plant and flowers combined to form this spirit-matter ally. When I would go to receive treatments, I would ask that this multi-dimensional presence go with me. Facing the challenges of recovery was made easier by knowing in my heart that the Bright Ally and other subtle allies were there to support me, along with my wonderful husband, family and friends.

I am moved to share a second of my goddess allies as an ending to this piece. The image is called Flora Madre, and is centered on a statue of the Tonantzin-Guadalupe Virgin (courtesy of The church in Mexico associated with this Mother figure is most visited pilgrimage site in the Americas. Like Tara, the Virgin of Guadalupe embodies unconditional compassion and help. The miracle that led her to be embraced by the Catholic Church involved her manifesting blooming roses in the middle of a snowy winter. The elements in her mandala include roses, San Pedro Cactus, and blue sky. I hope that these goddess allies and our other mandalas support you in connecting with the limitless love that comes to us from the dimensions of Heaven and Earth.

Flore Madre Mandala

You can see and get copies of these and other goddess allies at our Collage Icon gallery.

As an outgrowth of my own experience with regaining health, I offer Healing Ally consultation services and classes to women who are on the conscious path to wellness. You can read about my offering on our Healing page.


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  3. Hi Chris Its me Jennifer .I am now using my first name RONA some of the time as there are far too many of the same nameincluding some who have the vauucm cleaner surname !!!! Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring so great that you did that mandala project with the dek deks You can be very proud of yourself for spreading your Joie de vivreand including philanthropy .Jenniferxoxo

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