Blessings for the Occupy Movement

We created this video as a spiritual blessing for the people and places involved in the world-wide Occupy Movement. It guides you through a simple, four-part process of receiving blessing energies from empowered nature art and sending those blessings to any location you choose that is being Occupied.

We feel that the Occupy Movement is an expression of a new consciousness emerging on the planet and a desire for fundamental change at the deepest levels of our collective being. We created this Blessing Video so that you can participate each day in the Occupy Movement wherever you are.

We feel that subtle activism goes hand in hand with street activism. This video is a tangible way for you to lend your energy and intention to the movement. Please watch it often and share it with your friends.

To watch this video in HD and Full Screen, click on the “YouTube” button to watch on YouTube. Select “720 HD” as the size and then click the button with 4 “arrows” to expand to Full Screen viewing.

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