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Honoring Earth Day

Scientist James Lovelock was the first in modern times to use the name “Gaia” to describe the dynamic, self-regulating entity. His hypothesis has catalyzed the ecology movement and given people a global vision. Yet there is a further step to be taken in championing our living planet. It involves an acknowledgement of the actual awareness that lives in the plants, creatures, and even the geological structures of our world. Humanity is only one aspect of the vastly aware entity of our planet. The step that takes us into profound connection and communion with Earth involves a recognition that Earth has/is a Spirit.

Gaia, the Spirit of Earth, has been the primary icon and persona that has fueled our art work. The very first collage David and I ever published, called “New Earth Angel,” featured the head of a Tibetan goddess, the wings and torso of Isis, with her lower body being Planet Earth as seen from space. We have refined and re-created this visualization of the Earth as a multi-dimensional, diverse yet coherent presence many times. Below you will find the latest version, “Gaia Ma,” the Living Earth (click on the image to see a larger version).

Gaia Ma Mandala

The mysterious truth of the presence of Gaia is that everywhere on Earth is her place. What we do locally serves globally. Here in our part of the world, we are dealing with a land use challenge that could turn our quiet semi-rural neighborhood into a throughway for apartments and pave over tree-filled, creature-filled wild acreage. So our Earth Day efforts this year are dedicated to protecting this specific zone with the intention of honoring the whole. You undoubtedly have issues you are addressing in your area or in a place on Earth that calls to you. Wherever each of us responds to the needs of the planet and her beings, we are serving the beautiful, complex, interdependent wonder of our world.

What special blessings can we invoke together on this Earth Day of 2012?