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The 2013 Healing Mandalas Calendar: Blessings of Heaven and Earth

As you might expect, the new year’s calendar marks a shift to a new vibration. The words and images resonate with the world that emerges from the portal of 2012.

Starting in January, each month’s image is accompanied by a simple blessing. In a subtle but real way, these blessings are different than meditations. They honor and praise the Source of Heaven and Earth in non-denominational language. This “Gaian language” has emerged from writing the messages in the art for many years. It is vocabulary that is sacred without being religious.

Below is the January image, “The Dawning,” along with its blessing.

The Dawning Mandala

Radiant daisy, petal-sun, shine on us and waken our hearts.
Soft and spacious sky, show us how to open from the core.
Spirit of Earth and Heaven, bless our emergence into this new world.

The visual content and structure of these images is special. We have created flower-constructs from whole flowers and coupled them with mandalas built from NASA’s great space telescopes. The combination of the very close view of our Earth, with the views of the cosmic skies really speaks to the breadth of blessing energies that come from Source.

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