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Pink Mandala Mama

Bright Ally Mandala

During October, I’m going to be posting and writing about 22 Pink Mandalas from our Bell and Todd Arts creations. As someone who has survived Stage 4 breast cancer, I send deep, loving blessings to all who are dealing with this challenge and all the caregivers who share the journey. One way David and I can support you (and everyone who wants to heal in any way) is to share our healing mandalas.

We have created a Pink Mandalas Gallery for breast cancer healing on our fine art website where you see all 22 mandalas. Simply gaze on the image onscreen and let its mix of vibrant Nature energies and uplifting spirit energies fill you. Breathe in the blessing vibrations and breath out stresses. Repeat as desired. All the mandalas are available 24/7 via the Pink Mandalas gallery link above.

If you want to have a 3-D version of any of these radiant mandalas, all the information about getting prints is on the page for each image. To make it easier to get printed art, we are offering a discount throughout October. Simply enter this code PUXXRZ on the gallery site, and you’ll get 15% off your order.

21 of the pink mandalas are made wholly from photos of nature elements, mostly flowers and crystals. There is, however, one Icon Mandala, called “Bright Ally” (see above) and on this page. For this month, I am assuming her mantle and writing you as the “Pink Mandalas Mama”. From Source in my heart to Source in yours, may the blessings flow.

And share them forward, please. It’s my hope that the free visions and healing words will reach all who desire to connect with them.

Here is a video version of my healing story as retold for the TV show “The Incurables”. Each of the two segments is about 10 minutes long.