Sacred Arts and Evolutionary Alchemy

“Art alters us. This certainty underlies the initiatory and healing imagery of all human cultures. Our artist-ancestors who painted stirring images on cave walls knew intuitively what modern science now verifies: We Homo Sapiens are greatly affected, as most creatures are, by the color/shape/figure input we receive from the outside world. As a matter of survival and also evolutionary adaptation, we are structured to respond (amid many simultaneous sensory responses) to the vibrational wave-pattern information we take in through our optical sensors.

Our inborn visual response mechanisms, though clearly geared to survival purposes, can also be directed toward lofty goals. Sacred scientists in every age have, via meditative and altered states, envisioned how to use art for the purposes of consciousness expansion and healing. Through a process of deep self-informing and trance vision, these men and women created imagery designed to induce changes of state.” 

GaiaStar Mandalas: Ecstatic Visions of the Living Earth  p.12

You will note from the Bell & Todd banner (above) that our 2015 work will focus on sharing our sacred arts as well as instruction and the art-based tools for evolutionary alchemy.

We use the word sacred to describe our arts (in their form as images and words) rather than spiritual. We tend to think of spiritual things as subtle, and while there certainly are subtle elements in the composition of each image, the material elements are visible and essential. The word sacred embraces the understanding that the source-matter and source-spirit in the creations are equally divine.

Sacred arts, as described in the quote above, are purposed toward the awakening of consciousness and transformation. Of course, our aesthetic goal is to make our images beautiful in service of this uplifting purpose. By combining colors, shapes and patterning of the living world with evocative language, we aim to create a vibrational tapestry that communicates directly to our bodies and feeling.

Evolving Light                                                                            

Evolutionary alchemy describes the cluster of technologies, tools, and teachings that empower you to use the sacred arts for genuine transformation. David and I are drawing on our decades of experience with more traditional spiritual practices as well as newly revealed techniques. We’re developing 21st century methods for engaging actively with personal and collective evolution.

What’s interesting is that the foundation expression of the evolutionary alchemy we use and teach was revealed to us, fully born. The Buddhists might describe such a received teaching as a “mind treasure”. In 1993, we started intuitively downloading this alchemical information, then embodying it in images and words. This quite complex and futuristic alchemy emerged in our very first publication, The GaiaStar Codex: Seeds of a Turned On World in 2000.

We have been following the thread of this revealed alchemy as we have encoded new libraries of images and writings. Over the past 4 years, we have turned our attention to creating art-based tools and training that catalyze and enable different aspects of intentional evolution. Many of you newsletters readers have engaged with some of our initial tools and programs such as the HealEssence video, the Peace Healers program and various collective meditations that have been powered by visual imagery and words.

The offerings we are now completing are modules of a coherent evolutionary program. Our goal has been to create tools and techniques that allow you to heal and grow at your own pace, where you are. Since our sacred art emerged from a digital cauldron, it is ideally suited for transmitting via electronic media.  These visual-energetic tools give you a way to empower your personal and unique process in harmony with the collective and planetary shifts.

How does this work? Here are a few of the steps:

  1. You set an intention. For instance, you choose to clear yourself of energetic locks, blocks, and cords that are limiting your ability to grow and evolve. You choose the Bell & Todd module that addresses those particular limits. The visual-vibrational information in the images and words (what we call the “seedsongs”) interact with your unique patterning.


  1. As the encoded seedsongs interact with your system, you gently and systematically release old limits and absorb new, clear energies. You also have the opportunity to write about the process so that the energetic experience can be cognized and understood by your mind.


  1. The seedsongs you have engaged with keep working over time as a flow of uplifting, clearing energy in your system. The shift becomes grounded in your being, bringing you a sense of serenity.


  1. When you are ready, you engage with another module. Your inner evolutionary desires are magnified by the empowering elements in these programs. Your growth, as registered in the morphogenetic field of humanity, serves the evolution of all.

Though this whole evolutionary venture was revealed from the early days of our work, it has taken almost 20 years to manifest all the pieces. Not only was it necessary (and fun) to generate an abundance of images and words to fill out the offering, we also had to “reverse engineer” the alchemical methods for engaging with them. Welcome to Bell & Todd 2015, when what was shown in the early 90’s comes to a screen near you!

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