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Seedsong Lodestone Custom Blessing Images

Have I ever conveyed just how much fun it is to create our Seedsong Art? No matter how many images we’ve made, there is a thrill each time in seeing how the patterns of Nature (including the cosmos) form something new and exciting when we recombine them geometrically—and invest them with vibrant energies.

And there is a very special thrill in creating custom images with individuals and groups to empower them and their work. It’s like listening to the “song” of someone’s vision and then translating it, with their input, into colorful reality. Joyous!

Recently, we’ve been making quite a few custom images that we describe as “Seedsong Lodestones.” A lodestone is a naturally occurring magnetic rock, or anything that magnetizes attention. We create Lodestone custom images to pull attention toward the good work of individuals and groups (business or non-profit) whose work is aligned with Gaia and the goal of global awakening.

Our Lodestones serve as a visual portal into the heart of that personal or collective work. These images not only draw attention to the endeavors of people serving this planet, they also link these endeavors to the accomplishing power of Gaia herself. This living Earth empowerment is a key blessing that flows from the Seedsong Lodestones.

The first of our custom images that really served as a Lodestone (though they didn’t have a special name then) was in 2002, for the Bridging Heaven and Earth Foundation. We had been interviewed on the Bridging Heaven and Earth TV show, talking about how we began to create art to catalyze the emergence of global being (the TV show is here).

We wanted to use our artwork to augment this foundation’s good work, so we created a mandala for them with input from the founder, the late Allan Silberhartz. They loved the image and put it on their website. This creation spurred us to extend this service to other transformative organizations and individuals. The list of custom mandalas is quite long and varied: organizations including national conferences, cathedrals, health centers, subtle activism organizations and sustainability businesses; and individual yoga entrepreneurs, healers and others who are purposed toward serving planetary evolution.


TRCC Lodestone
Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory

Sacred art and evolutionary alchemy come together when we co-create a Lodestone with a client. The individual or group participates actively in the visioning. We use a simple questionnaire that helps surface elements, geometry, symbols, feeling-concepts, and colors that evoke the work that we are embodying in the Lodestone image. We attune together to the vibrational energy of the endeavor that also wants to be invested in the “SeedSong” of the Lodestone. All the elements are mixed via visual-vibrational alchemy until a form starts to take shape. A very powerful byproduct of this visioning process is increased coherence amongst members of the group. For all clients, there is a feeling-recognition that the essence of their endeavor is being grounded and given stronger Earth presence via the form of the Lodestone.

As an initial vision emerges, David and I begin the art creation. We share the early versions of the image with the client and we tweak and tune it until we all feel “Yes!” Some images take shape quickly and others evolve over numerous iterations, but the Lodestone that emerges never fails to evoke mutual satisfaction.

In addition to the deeply enjoyable process of co-creation, ongoing benefits flow from these Lodestone images. Here are a few:

    1. You have a radiant visual embodiment of the multi-dimensional reality of your individual or group work. Contemplating the Lodestone can help focalize, ground and enliven the energies you are holding in your self and your group.

    2. Since our art is very structural and geometric, it has a positive effect on the space where it hangs. By displaying your SeedSong Lodestone in home or office, you create a structured evolutionary space that supports the specific work that you are doing. Mandala artists have always known that the 2-D representation of such an image acts as a projector of sorts for an actual sacred space.

    3. Since our art is composed from Nature elements, it connects you to Gaia on many levels. There is, first of all the, the colorful, sensuous beauty of the image itself. By inviting Nature’s elemental richness into your indoor space, you bring balance to our increasingly electronic work environments. Beyond this, the Lodestone connects you to the powerful manifesting energies of Gaia, which continues to bring blessings to your work as it grows and evolves.

    4. There is also a collective benefit. Your Seedsong Lodestone is inherently part of a grid of every Lodestone we’ve made, forming a “living mandala” that further amplifies and supports the work of each group or individual in the Lodestone assembly.

    5. If you work with inner intuition, your Lodestone can serve as an interface with caches of information embedded in the organic and inorganic libraries of the living Earth and Cosmos. While this information may or may not express itself to you in words, you can be informed and enriched by connecting, via the Lodestone, with these sources of accumulated knowledge.

If you’d like to see some samples of Lodestones we have made, you can visit our Custom page. This is by no means a comprehensive selection, but it’s a taste of what can emerge. If you are interested in a Seedsong Lodestone for yourself or your organization, we would be delighted to get an email at followed by a conversation to explore the possibilities. As I think you can tell, co-creating these empowering images is something we truly enjoy.

Happy Springtime,
Bonnie and David