About Art

The Purpose of the Art

Each Bell & Todd image begins with a photograph of Nature, remixed to reveal its inner glory. We use computer software as a tool for this visual alchemy. We often work with sacred geometries to create symmetrical mandalas and spiritual icons. Another style of our work features Nature scenes that open windows into the living world. Every image showcases Earth’s astounding palette and patterns, re-combined with reverence for her spirit. The colors and designs of the art cover a wide gamut, and yet they all share the essence of joyful wonder. (more . . .)

Five Styles of Art

All Bell & Todd images have a symmetrical border, and all are collages built from Nature photographs. Beyond that, they vary widely and fall into five style categories. (more . . .)

SeedSinging: How We Energize the Art

The creation of our art starts long before we take a photograph or sit at the computer. Prior to the visual form taking shape, an energetic convergence is initiated so that spiritual and nature-based information can be encoded in the image that will eventually emerge. This process occurs primarily at deeper levels of our being, in what we would call the “Core Self.” Bonnie and I began to awaken to that Core Self in the early 1990’s after twenty years of traditional spiritual practice. (more . . .)

The Story of the Art’s Emergence

As we crested the drive, we saw it for the first time. Majestic, wreathed in mist, it rose like a granite pyramid from the valley floor. The Rock. Its surrounding lands have been haven to wildlife and indigenous peoples for centuries, and the area is still mostly untouched. Taking up residence within sight of this giant was like moving into a Earth-cathedral whose rolling hills and deep arroyos shimmered with spirited beauty. Living here has awakened our outer and inner sight and propelled us to create visionary Nature art. (more . . .)