Five Styles of Art

Five Styles of Art

All Bell & Todd images have a symmetrical border, and all are collages built from Nature photographs. Beyond that, they vary widely and fall into five style categories.

Geometric Mandalas

These images are constructed on the basis of sacred geometries. The outer field of these images is often square. All the images in this style feature a central figure such as a circle or other geometric shape. Since we first began making this style of picture, we have recognized that they are a modern form of Mandala art. Mandala is a word of Hindu origin that describes images that create “sacred space”. The Mandala images have a healing and centering effect. They are often used for contemplation and enhancing awareness.

    Nature Portals

    These rectangular images feature a single scenic photograph with a symmetrical border. Through the simplicity of these framed windows, we can look deeply into Nature. We use groups these images to create meditative electronic journeys into the beautiful heart of the living world.

      Panoramic Collages

      These dreamy visions include orchid angels, trees with crowns, birds, butterflies, and inventive creatures of all kinds. Their panoramic format (narrow and very wide) reflect the way our eyes see scenes in Nature. These collages, with their combination of the surreal and the real, lift the spirits and open us to new ways of seeing.

      Botanical Allies

      The images in the Botanical Allies series are trees and flowers that we have doubled to make faces. Our brains recognize bi-lateral symmetry (two “eyes” within the mirrored images.), as an indicator that what we are seeing is a “someone” not a something. It’s alive! These images invite us to receive help and healing through the world of growing things.

      Icons and Archetypal Figures

      As part of our meditation on the union of the spiritual and material dimensions, we have created many figure-based images. Some feature classical deities from the world’s religions, set in Nature backgrounds. Others are more inventive figures, which we have collaged together from Nature elements and sacred symbols. We also have some Nature Portal images that feature statuary in garden settings. All these form of iconic figures make wonderful focus points for meditation, and add a divine element to any environment.

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