SeedSinging: How We Energize Our Art

by David Sun Todd

The creation of our art starts long before we take a photograph or sit at the computer. Prior to the visual form taking shape, an energetic convergence is initiated so that spiritual and nature-based information can be encoded in the image that will eventually emerge. This process occurs primarily at deeper levels of our being, in what we would call the “Core Self.” Bonnie and I began to awaken to that Core Self in the early 1990’s after twenty years of traditional spiritual practice.

As we grew in our comprehension of the Core Self, we discovered that connections were being forged between the two of us and many higher-dimensional sources of information. Likewise, we began to connect with deep info-resources in the crystalline libraries of the Earth. Many of these libraries are located at sacred sites or power places around the globe.

When we moved to a remote property in Northern California in 1996, we discovered that we had been led to one such site. The large rock formation and crystalline stones we found near our house opened us to vast stores of information and evolutionary codes. Long before we began our photographic mandalas, we experienced these earth-based codes melding with the higher-dimensional information in our bodies and in the land around us. We named these new blended packets of info-blessings “SeedSongs.” Each contains a seed of evolutionary potential that our bodies and souls can receive as a vibrational song that resonates deep in our cores.

Our first method of “packaging” these SeedSongs was to infuse these vibrations into essential oil blends. Through inner guidance and her alchemical abilities, Bonnie created many oil blends that held unique selections of SeedSongs. We shared the blends with several people sensitive to vibrational information. All of them loved the blends and the healing and activating effects they transmitted.

A well-known German biochemist and subtle energy researcher said ours were the best vibrational essences he had tried after traveling the world over. He said that while most essences contain a single vibration, ours transmitted many. He felt an “intelligence” in the blends that adjusted the vibrations he received through out the day after applying a drop or two of oil.

Encouraged by the feedback of many people, we soon found we could encode these same SeedSongs into our newly developing digital art. Taking close-up photographs of natural objects and digitally re-arranging them into geometrical shapes fixed the SeedSong vibrations into a form we could share. By placing these digital images on the newly emerging world-wide web, we could share these blessing transmissions around the globe. This realization gave birth to our first publications and website in 2000.

Nine Steps in SeedSong Encoding

In the early stages of our co-creative process we didn’t fully comprehend how SeedSongs took form. Over time, and through guidance, an understanding of this once mysterious process has emerged. Even now, much takes in the background of our conscious awareness. Some steps are more consciously engaged than others, but they all occur with each image. And they all contribute to the co-creation of the final product.

1. A “conversation” between our Core Selves and Source takes place to determine what new SeedSongs are needed. New SeedSongs are initiated that draw upon our personal healing and transformational process as well as what is perceived by Source to be needed on the planet as a whole.

2. New vibrational essences are created by Source in a higher dimension. This information “descends” into our subtle bodies and chakra systems. Bonnie and I began to receive these vibrational downloads in 1994.

3. The descended, higher-dimensional essences blend in our bodies with information “uploaded” from the Earth libraries. We began to receive these uploads in 1995.

4. Once this reception and blending process completes in each of us, we come together to empower these energies and bring them into manifestation as SeedSongs. This began in 1997 with our first essential oil blends.

5. When we are guided to create new art, we either take new photographs and digital scans of nature, or we work with previously captured images. Although we have a large library of unused source material on our hard drives, we are often moved to capture images from new places, plants and creatures that we find.

6. Through guidance and inspiration, we choose both the source material and the geometries that we will employ. If the image is going to be complex, one of us might sketch out a drawing based on a vision we receive.

7. As a new image or series of images takes shape in our mind, we sit together in front our large computer screen. We pull different photographs and scans into Photoshop. We then select areas of the images that we want to work with. A final image can emerge quickly, like a piece of fruit dropping from a tree. More often, new images are born of digital surprises as we reshape and resize different photographic layers in Photoshop. Sometimes several versions appear before we both say “yes” to an image’s final form.

8. When a new image is complete on screen, we will print out a copy. The bringing of the image into a material form allows what has existed only in the digital domain to come into our tangible reality. Through this translation, the Earth empowers the SeedSong to emerge in a form that can be received by our bodies as well as our souls.

9. The final stage of empowerment and manifestation is the naming of the image. Bonnie names most pieces. She also writes descriptions and meditations for many. She considers the names of the elements in the image, the sound and meaning of different word combinations, as well as the numerological import and vibrational feeling of the names. The name (and the meditations that accompany many images) is an essential element of the unique SeedSong blessing that has emerged.

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