The Purpose of the Art

The Purpose of the Art

Each Bell & Todd image begins with a photograph of Nature, remixed to reveal its inner glory. We use computer software as a tool for this visual alchemy. We often work with sacred geometries to create symmetrical mandalas and spiritual icons. Another style of our work features Nature scenes that open windows into the living world. Every image showcases Earth’s astounding palette and patterns, re-combined with reverence for her spirit. The colors and designs of the arts cover a wide gamut, and yet they all share the essence of joyful wonder.

A Time of Great Change

We create our art to convey visions of an Uplifted World. More and more people are coming to intuit and believe that our very reality is shifting. The Earth is moving into a higher vibrational state. As cells of the great planetary being that is Earth, we are shifting with Her. As this shift progresses, our world awakens. It becomes more illumined and we discover truths long hidden about our place in the universe.

As visionaries, David and Bonnie have spent many years exploring this new emerging reality. Our art has become a medium to help others envision and feel the Uplifted Earth. As humans, we all need to “see it to be it.” Each image transmits the energy of the New Earth and essential codes that enable us to shift into the new reality gracefully and with ease. By simply absorbing these vibrational transmissions, we come to know the truth of our collective future and spontaneously release all that might bind us to the past.

Every Picture Holds “SeedSongs”

In addition to the natural patterning (the “seed” presence) in each image, it holds a subtle message (the “song” vibration). These “SeedSongs” are the global blessings that emanate from our art. The overlighting SeedSong is “Earth-Ecstasy,” the joyous feeling of an Uplifted World.

The SeedSongs are multidimensional in their effect. They work at the personal level, to infuse body and soul with healing energies and information. They work at the environmental level, to infuse our homes and workplaces with radiant Nature-vibrations. Every image also embodies the intention of world uplift and transmits those blessings directly into the field of the living Earth. Each picture holds a unique harmonic blend of SeedSongs like an iPod holds a chosen playlist. Collectively, the SeedSongs serve as a multi-dimensional Symphony of Wonder, beaming out universal blessing messages to all.

For more on our art and ways to work with it, please check out our blog, where we will be sharing our ongoing exploration including guided meditations, videos, and new releases.

Everything in the Pictures is Real

The rich colors and patterns in the art all come from Nature. Though some of the images look like paintings, they are all photographs re-arranged and layered in unique ways and making use of sacred geometries. Each image combines intentional spiritual design with spontaneous natural patterning. Each one carries unique symbolic and organic information, and each is filled with Earth’s beauty-power.

Every Picture Holds the Code of 2

Our art was born when we first took two digitized close-up photographs of a rock and combined them to make a mirrored symmetry. The faces and fantastical shapes that arose out of the join in the pictures catalyzed the emergence of hundreds of images. [click here for the full story] Every Bell & Todd image has a doubled element, embodying union and the marriage of the material and the spiritual domains. The code of 2 is the resonant foundation of our art and the source of its uplifting energy.

Every Picture is a Portal

From their earliest appearance, it was clear that these pictures take us places. The more geometric Mandalas hold open doorways to the new world while the Nature Portals open directly into the heart of Nature. In these various ways, these images let us see and connect with sources of grace beyond our normal bandwidth. The images act as windows into the world of wonder just ahead.

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