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David Sun Todd & Bonnie Gold Bell

David Sun Todd & Bonnie Gold Bell

About the Artists, Bell & Todd

We came to our art vocation after two decades of intensive spiritual practice. During that time, we got to view and interact with sacred images and statuary from many Eastern and Western traditions. Our experience showed us the power of sacred art to awaken awareness and activate multi-dimensional energies, but we never dreamed that we would become artists ourselves.

What got us going making pictures was a desire to understand the multi-dimensional shifts we ourselves were experiencing. We could feel that everything we had become in the domain of cosmic awareness was reflected in the beauteous reality of Earth. We made collages that depicted this union—an angel with a body of rock, and a cat with wings. Even our abstract pieces show this doubling of spirit. Not just one Source above but also Source below and within. As above, so below. This is an alchemical truth and the basis of our art.

In 1994, when we started making these alchemical collages, we only did them for ourselves. Neither of us had art training, we were just following the inspirational impulse to see something new about ourselves and our world. We gradually came to see that, by taking picture-bits and mixing them with spiritual symbols, we were creating a kind of visual code that gave us a new way to see ourselves and our world.

Here in the 21st century most of us are aware that our bodies and our beings are encoded. Not just with DNA, but also with patterns of memory and emotion. This internal messaging doesn’t end with birth. Throughout our lives we are being coded and re-coded, and this constant interactive communication lets us heal, adapt and evolve.

Our artistic work of re-mixing of existing natural patterns is a kind of encoding/re-coding process. The resulting images support and energize the innate process of healing and evolving. The human neuro-energetic system “reads” the vibrational beauty-code in our art and it feels good. It enlivens us and lifts our spirits. What mystery! What grace!

It might be more accurate to say, then, that we are Source-coders who gratefully discovered a way to deliver the blessings of beauty-code through visual and other arts.

There is a third party in the art partnership of Bell & Todd and she is the spirit of Nature. Our work emerges from our meditation on the Earth as goddess of radiant matter. Nature’s beauty draws us into the space of wonder in which we co-create with her. This is our calling. We feel like the luckiest people in the world to get to work in this way.

Brief Bio

After graduating with high honors from Harvard University in 1971, Bonnie Bell spent two decades traveling the world as a speaker and spiritual educator for an international non-profit organization. During those years, she was also an acquisitions agent for a collector of traditional Hindu and Buddhist sacred art. In 1992, Bonnie received a grant from the Human Potential Foundation to start The Center for Sacred Arts. As a collage artist, her work took a giant leap forward, in 1997, when she began her artistic collaboration with David. Bonnie frequently writes on the topic of art and healing.

David Todd began his career as a writer. From 1976-1991, he was a writer for, then editor and publisher of the Dawn Horse Press. He was the founder of the Great Tradition book distribution company. In 1990, he co-founded the Siegler Mountain Group, a software development company. David’s artistic roots are also in the spiritual imagery of the Orient. Since 1997, he has partnered with Bonnie in the creation of their Nature-sourced artwork and publications. David is the photographer in the team.

Bonnie and David also teach about how to use our art for self-healing and transformation. Bonnie’s dramatic recovery from advanced cancer included active use of these images. For a YouTube version of the TV show made on her healing click here.

Bonnie and David are married and live in Tallahassee, Florida.

Art and Publication Resume

Big Earth Blessings videos—free online videos using Bell & Todd images for blessing areas in need, such as Japan after the 2011 earthquake, and the East coast during Hurricane Irene. Also, monthly “Blessing the Time-Wave” videos that coordinate the collective intention to co-create a bright future.

Bell & Todd art publications by Amber Lotus Publishers

Healing Mandalas Wall Calendar 2009-2012…ongoing

Gemstone Visions Wall Calendar 2009

Healing Mandalas and Gemstone Visions Notecards

Bell & Todd art publications by Pomegranate Communications
The GaiaStar Codex:  Seeds of a Turned On World. This set of 64 divination cards,
with a book and map, takes its users on a visionary journey of emergence.

GaiaStar Mandalas:  Ecstatic Visions of the Living Earth
, a book containing 90 full
color mandalas with an introduction telling the story behind the art.

Healing Mandalas
Wall Calendar 2001-2008

Healing Mandalas
Screensaver CD ROM, a cycling selection of 27 images for
computer screens (out of print)

Healing Mandalas
Boxed Notecards

Bell & Todd Art and Media Appearances

Two interviews in 2011 by Dr. Melanie Barton on The Dr. Melanie Show on World Talk Radio.

Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center uses Bell & Todd art for slideshows that support the children they serve. Fall 2010 and ongoing.

Gaiafield Project uses Bell & Todd mandala as logo for WiseClimate Initiative,  Dec. 2009, and ongoing

Interviewed by Vicki Chelf on the “Green Connection US” radio show Nov. 2009

Museum of Botany and the Arts, Sarasota, FL Solo show, Oct. 2009-Jan. 2010

The Wellness Community of Philadelphia, created custom image 2008; on permanent display

Lankenau Hospital, Wynnewood, PA “Leaps of Faith” art show, November 2008

Artopia Show, Big Bend Cares,  Tallhassee, FL 2009, 2010

Artisans in the Garden, Tallahassee, FL Oct. 2008

LeMoyne Gallery, Tallahassee, FL Nov.-Dec. 2007

Meyer Design, Philadelphia, PA. November 2007

Bonnie’s healing and art story filmed for “The Incurables” show, Veria Network, Dish TV Broadcast February 2008 and ongoing, also on YouTube

Institute of Noetic Sciences “Mandala Blessings” art show October 2005-January 2006 plus ongoing exhibit and slide show of Bell & Todd art on the IONS Shift in Action website

Washington National Cathedral, solo show of Bell & Todd art at Sacred Circles conference; February 2005

Healing Journeys Conference, Sacramento, mandala workshop and show, Sept. 2004

The Aware Show, Radio show, Interview on healing and art; August 2003

Institute for Health and Healing, San Francisco, solo show; Feb.-April 2003

Art from the Heart, Plaza Gallery, Healdsburg, CA, group show; February 2003;

Synergy, Plaza Gallery, group show; March 2003

Bridging Heaven and Earth, TV show on Bell & Todd art; April 2002

Atrium Gallery, Marin General Hospital, 4-artist show; Spring 2001

Sausalito Art Festival; September 2000

Rockhill Gallery, Community Congregational Church, solo show; April 2000

Marin Arts Festival; June 1999

Custom Artwork by Bell & Todd

The Gaiafield Project—custom logo and blessing slideshows

Heike Vargas wellness services—signature image

The Wellness Community of Philadelphia—signature image

Dr. Peter Whitehouse, University Memory and Aging Center University Hospitals of Cleveland —signature image

Bridging Heaven and Earth Foundation—signature image

Kaivalya Bound therapy practice—signature image

Washington National Cathedral—3 custom images for their Gifts of Spirit collection

The Mystery School—signature image

Clear Ground Services—3 custom mandalas; also used as covers for hypnotherapy CD’s

Deep Heart Suite—20 Earth-healing images from an organic estate in Santa Barbara

Bell & Todd Articles and Art in Magazines, Books

“Yoga of Seeing”, article by Bonnie Bell, with art in Soulful Living magazine, 2009

Cover art, Body Matters, book by Darca Nicholson, August 2006

“In Search of the Goddess”, by Bonnie Bell art; by Bell & Todd; 2-page art spread and article, Common Ground magazine, February 2005

Bell & Todd image featured in Shift magazine, Institute of Noetic Sciences, 2006

Three mandalas in Shiva Rea’s Yoga Shakti DVD, released in 2005

Cover art by Bell & Todd; Common Ground magazine, December 2004

“Becoming New: Using Your Six Senses to Empower Your Progress”, by Bonnie Bell; art by Bell & Todd; lead article and art spread, SoulfulLiving.com magazine, August, 2004

“Visions of Wholeness”, by Bonnie Bell; cover art by Bell & Todd; Kaleidoscope magazine, Dec. 2002

Cover art by Bell & Todd; Healing and Holiness by Sondra Ray, Ten Speed Press, 2002

“Mandala Blessings: Art that Heals and Transforms”, by Bonnie Bell; art by Bell & Todd; lead article and art, SoulfulLiving.com magazine, April, 2002

“Divining the Future: From Revelation to Co-Creation” by Bonnie Bell; art by Bell & Todd; article in Magical Blend magazine, Issue 76, Spring 2001.

Cover art by Bell & Todd, The Rose Garden magazine, Sept-October 1997