nature pictureYoga of Seeing: Visual Paths to Union by Bonnie Gold Bell
One of the surest ways to find divine wholeness is to see it with your own eyes. Pictures that lead us visually into a serene center are aids in uniting with Source. Such spiritual diagrams and icons have appeared in cultures everywhere, across time, and they are no less potent now. In the 21st century, we can still rely on sacred images to integrate us, body to soul, and guide us toward our core. (more . . .)

nature pictureMandala Blessings: Art That Heals and Transforms by Bonnie Gold Bell
Mandalas are graceful images that depict a sacred space. More than just beautiful art, these images are also empowering tools for positive transformation. Used for centuries in Hindu, Buddhist and Native American spiritual practice (with counterparts in many other cultures) mandalas are becoming increasingly popular in our time. In this era of visual news, when images of destruction reach us within minutes of occurring, mandalas offer us a much-needed visual antidote. (more . . .)

nature pictureIn Search of the Goddess by Bonnie Gold Bell
In 1986, I had surgery to remove a lymph gland damaged by an infection called cat-scratch fever. I’d gotten the infection in Hawaii on a spiritual assignment that brought me in contact with the powerful energies of the Goddess. After the surgery, the illness seemed to go dormant. Six years later, I noticed a small lump in my breast. Mammography did not reveal any danger. The lump was thought to be another gland swollen by the cat-scratch fever, and it remained small for eight more years.(more . . .)

nature pictureBecoming New: Using Your Six Senses to Empower Your Progress by Bonnie Gold Bell
You have powerful tools for making progress right in your own hands—and your eyes, nose, mouth, ears and heart. By actively using all six of your senses, you can harness great energy for moving forward and be filled with pleasure in the process. Whether you need to make progress in healing or in realizing other goals, your senses are your inborn allies.(more . . .)