How to Be a Champion of Time

How to Be A Champion of Time

By Bonnie Gold Bell

See yourself at the edge a vast field, in an open countryside. The sun is shining and pennants of many colors are fluttering in a brisk wind. You stride into onto the field, confident in your strength as the champion of Lady Time. You eagerly embrace the challenge, knowing that her energy infuses you.

I am talking about Time as “she” because one of my favorite Hindu goddesses is Kali, whose name translates both as “darkness” and “time”, feminine gender. Kali is both a warrior who defeats demons and a compassionate giver of boons. There is a god Kala, her male counterpart, often depicted as Mahakala, the great protector. However, Kali is most often partnered with Shiva, a Lord of immense calm power. He is the one god who is at ease with Kali’s awesome strength.

When my partner David and I began creating art, some of the first collages we made featured a statue we had of Kali and Shiva. Below you will see one of those images, called “Lady Time”. Kali appears here against a jungle pathway in Maui, Hawaii. Her fierce form is softened by the flowers that bedeck and surround her. She is in action, the very embodiment of energy. “Time is energy”, we have been told. Lady Time is here to activate us with her solar-fiery dance so that we may feel the pulse of power that is Time’s essence.

nature mandala

Lady Time

Fanciful? Yes, and also real. To serve the emergence of a bright future, we are called to embody this confident spirit. But why should we need to be champions of a process so fundamental as the flow of Time? Why should this unstoppable force require our blessing?

We are needed because we co-create reality. Nothing is set in stone. As individual aspects of a collective and ultimately cosmic being, we help shape the unfolding fabric of space-time. This happens whether we are aware of it or not, but awareness enhances our ability to co-create the outcome we desire and champion. If we want to lean into this active role, a few practices can increase our effectiveness:

Become Aware of the Large Cycles of Time

There are numerous systems for tuning into the big picture of Time’s flow. Most of us know of astrology, which looks at our solar system and the relationship between our personal, local self and the stars and planets around us. In the west, we mostly use astrology as it emerged through Rome, Greece and Europe. There are also Vedic/Indian and Chinese systems as well. Additionally, there are systems such as the Mayan Tzolkin and other less-known systems. Working with any of them heightens our sensitivity to how we are affected as we ride the Time-Wave on planet Earth.

One of the best ways to cultivate this level of time-awareness is to find a system you like and touch into it each day. Find a site online that tracks your chosen time-system (such as a daily astrology site, a site that follows Mayan calendar, or any calendar system). Follow the cycles and feel them.  Get to know the flow of Time from the inside out.

Create Your Own Rituals for Blessing Time

I have a few rituals I use to create a blessing relationship to Time. Each time I turn the page of our Healing Mandalas calendar to begin a new month, I bring a stick of lit incense with me. I circle the incense around the image and ask that this month be blessed for everyone, everywhere. I read the meditation that complements each month’s the image and deeply absorb the colors, shapes and vibrational code in the picture. I note when the new and full moon occur during the cycle. In this way, I step into relationship with the new month. I also keep a daily calendar on my desk that includes the astrological data—moon signs and phases, planetary positions etc. I use the calendar to note what we create and experience each day and how it relates to the shifting cosmos. This is a simple, but meaningful, ritual for me.

On special days such as solstices, equinoxes, eclipses etc., David and I may do something more elaborate. Light a fire in our backyard fire pit, sit in meditation, or say special prayers. You already have, or can create, rituals that feel natural to you. What elements—words, visuals, sounds, scents—help you envision a bright future? Make those the basis of your practice. The more you embrace your rituals of blessing Time, the more radiant your field of blessing becomes.

nature mandala

Harmonize Your Blessings with Others

In this second decade of the 21st century, we are deeply linked with each other. Our electronic links via the Internet reflect the subtle network of our collective awareness-field. It has been demonstrated, for instance, that surgical patients who receive remote prayers from a prayer-group have an increased rate of recovery. You can significantly amplify your blessing efforts by coordinating them with others. One easy way to do this is to join in the Blessing the Time-Wave Project (sign up below).

nature mandala


One of the best side effects of embracing the role of Time Champion is that it empowers us. Instead of feeling passive in the face of an unknown future, we go for the prize—a future of love and light. Holding firm to this vision, banding with our fellow Champions, we uplift the Time-Wave that pulses through our blue-green planet.

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