See a Bright Future Ahead

See a Bright Future Ahead

by Bonnie Gold Bell

An insistent call can be heard around the world, “2012 is coming! 2012 is coming!“ This message comes from the media and from within. As with the millennial shift of Y2K, the year 2012 has become an artifact in our collective consciousness. While Hollywood has already created a movie that paints this date as a catastrophe, inner guidance reveals 2012 to be a turning point in a great global shift. Whatever cosmic and earthly changes actually do or do not occur, we have two choices over the months ahead: fear this time or engage with it in a way that affirms and co-creates a positive outcome. This article is an invitation to embrace the latter choice and join together in “Blessing the Time-Wave”.

I know what it is to face an apparent end-date and to hold a vision of a bright outcome instead. In 2002, I received a diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer. It was implied that time would bring disaster, but I didn’t accept that picture. My partner, David Todd, and I were already deeply immersed in creating healing art. Our images are collages made from Nature photographs. We re-arrange the photos using sacred geometries and invest the images with energetic blessings we call “seedsongs”

As I became ill, David and I reached deeply to discover new visually encoded technologies of blessing that could help me heal. The healing mandalas and other Bell & Todd arts that we share are the fruit of that discovery process. I am grateful to say that I healed dramatically. I gained a great deal through my recovery process, including a creative relationship with time.

When I got my diagnosis, we were already working with the flow of time. Our images were being published in the form of a yearly Healing Mandalas wall calendar. How could I fear what might lie ahead when I was engaged in sharing blessings for each and every month? I drew on the blessings in our calendar images and many others as I moved from illness to wellness. In this process, time became my ally, my friend.

Before we even knew we would become calendar-makers, David and I explored some traditional and modern teachings on time.  The Mayan time teachings, for instance, convey that each day and cycle have distinct qualities, even identity and presence. Mayan cosmology is one of the sacred sciences underlying the focus on the year 2012. Hindu and Buddhist teachings also describe grand eras of time that have distinct qualities.  These and many other religions, Eastern and Western, have gods, goddesses, or archetypal figures who embody Time and guide humanity in relationship to its flow.

nature picture

Into a New World

Traditional sacred artists create geometric images (mandalas, yantras, sand paintings) to hold visual-vibrational technologies of blessing. The time mandalas that David and I create are a new and universal expression of this technology that assists in our personal and planetary emergence. Starting in 2009, we began making a 4-year series of calendar mandalas designed to support our collective journey through the 2012 gateway. Every month’s image—in its colors, its shapes, its energy—is designed to deliver rich blessings to uplift us individually and also harmonize us with each other and the Earth.

nature mandala

Aura Bamboo

The 2011 and 2012 images and meditations are based on the themes of love and empowerment. In these last 24 months leading to the 2012 moment, we would like to get these images out as widely as possible. At the beginning of each month, it is great to feel that all the people who have our printed wall calendars are simultaneously looking at the same new image and receiving its “seedsongs”. Since we’ve been given this calendar mission, David and I feel that it’s time to make these blessing images globally accessible in electronic form.

Starting in February of 2011, we will be releasing a free “Blessing the Time-Wave” Transmission on video each month. Sign up below to receive these free transmissions and become part of a living network of blessing. Time is a mythic presence in our lives who responds to our shared vision of a bright future.

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