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A Mandala that Evokes Peace

The most popular mandala we have ever made is called CenterPeace (see below). Its soft colors and shapes seem to effortlessly open our feeling into the quiet space of inner peace.

This photo-collage is made entirely of rose petals growing on our deck in Northern California. We scanned the petals and, using a 4-sided geometry, layered them into the image you see.

We have chosen the CenterPeace mandala as the visual focus for the guided meditation that David Todd will be leading on the Spirituality and Peace free teleconference call on Sunday July 14, 2013 at 12 noon-1 pm EST. In David’s talk, “Building a Field of Peace—Empowering Inner Peace and Collective Blessing,” he will speak about new evolutionary ways we can work together to heal the roots of conflict and strife. The meditation will support inner peace and will bless the collective field of the US.

CenterPeace Mandala

“The reds, pinks and gentle green of this mandala are the colors of the heart chakra. This image invokes the peace that arises from within, free of the polarized states of conflict and fear. It helps us locate the field of serenity that is always present in the center of being.”

If you would like to sign up for the free Summer of Peace events, including David’s talk and meditation on 7/14, visit the Summer of Peace website. On that page, you will also get a link to receive a free sample of our Peace Codes e-book.

We hope you will join us for this heart-healing and nation-healing event. On that day, or on any day, bring up the CenterPeace image on your screen to let your eyes and feeling guide you into a space of serenity and peace.

Blessings for the Occupy Movement

We created this video as a spiritual blessing for the people and places involved in the world-wide Occupy Movement. It guides you through a simple, four-part process of receiving blessing energies from empowered nature art and sending those blessings to any location you choose that is being Occupied.

We feel that the Occupy Movement is an expression of a new consciousness emerging on the planet and a desire for fundamental change at the deepest levels of our collective being. We created this Blessing Video so that you can participate each day in the Occupy Movement wherever you are.

We feel that subtle activism goes hand in hand with street activism. This video is a tangible way for you to lend your energy and intention to the movement. Please watch it often and share it with your friends.

To watch this video in HD and Full Screen, click on the “YouTube” button to watch on YouTube. Select “720 HD” as the size and then click the button with 4 “arrows” to expand to Full Screen viewing.

Blessing for Japan

May our blessings surround you with a strong circle of light.
May every form of help come your way.
May you be held and healed by our collective love.

Strength Mandala

Strength Mandala