Many of us are part of a self-appointed Tribe of Co-Creators who are called to help shift our world. We recognize divine Source by many names, and yet we share a common desire to work collectively for the sake of personal and planetary uplift.

From its inception, our Bell & Todd artwork has been purposed to support this process of world-healing and renewal. On this page, you will find media and meditations that are part of our Big Earth Blessings projects. Please join us. Participation is free.

What we offer here is the first stage of a Big Earth Blessings offering that will be fully birthed on its own website. This site will include tools for personal healing and transformation, tools for uplifting your home and work-spaces, and collective blessings meditations.

For now, please enjoy these three offerings:

Big Earth Blessings Videos

nature mandala

Blessing the Time-Wave Videos

nature mandala

Blessing the Time-Wave Articles

nature picture

The World-Healer Mandala and Meditation, created on 9/11/2001

The Big Earth Blessings Icon and Keynotes