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Big Earth Blessing Icon

Abundant transdimensional blessings for our shifting world are encoded in this image.

The outer blue border is a color-shifted version of the gold and white quartz-infused rock (named the “Earth Rock”) that forms the inner frame. Between them is an inner border of red rose. These borders show that the golden matter of our 3-D Earth is being uplifted into a subtler blue form by the red heart of love.

At the base of the frames is a complex disc called the Yes Time Wheel. It holds both the numerical code of 20/21 and includes all 21 of the GaiaStar Tribe icons. At the center is “Gaius,” the final icon in The GaiaStar Codex, who embodies global being. The core of the Milky Way galaxy and Andromeda galaxy are also enfolded in this image. This disc represents rich blessings for the shifting of Time.

At the top is another disc composed of the 12-sided Planet Shift mandala surrounded by a 12-sided wheel from our entheogenic “Seed Spirits” series. Inside is the new Earth in her emergent, galactic form. This wheel embodies Space-shifting blessings. Together, these two discs hold the numerology of 20/12 and synergistic help for our emergence into a new space-time.


The radiant purple-fiery center is made from a space telescope photo of the core of the Milky Way galaxy. It forms a symmetrical portal through which the Presence of blessings comes into our world. Sailing out of this portal is the “Gaius”/global being figure reborn in rainbow light. We see in its form the unity of female and male, angelic and planetary, Spirit-source and Matter-Source. This figure, the “New Two,” shows us our collective being, who is each one and all.

Added to this visual code in this image are the energetic codes we call “seedsongs.” They are the invisible but felt vibrations that infuse this icon with radiant, catalytic energy.

With gratitude, we offer the Big Earth Blessings icon. May it bring light and love to all.

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