Seedsong Lodestone Custom Blessing Images

Have I ever conveyed just how much fun it is to create our Seedsong Art? No matter how many images we’ve made, there is a thrill each time in seeing how the patterns of Nature (including the cosmos) form something new and exciting when we recombine them geometrically—and invest them with vibrant energies.

And there is a very special thrill in creating custom images with individuals and groups to empower them and their work. It’s like listening to the “song” of someone’s vision and then translating it, with their input, into colorful reality. Joyous!

Recently, we’ve been making quite a few custom images that we describe as “Seedsong Lodestones.” A lodestone is a naturally occurring magnetic rock, or anything that magnetizes attention. We create Lodestone custom images to pull attention toward the good work of individuals and groups (business or non-profit) whose work is aligned with Gaia and the goal of global awakening.

Our Lodestones serve as a visual portal into the heart of that personal or collective work. These images not only draw attention to the endeavors of people serving this planet, they also link these endeavors to the accomplishing power of Gaia herself. This living Earth empowerment is a key blessing that flows from the Seedsong Lodestones.

The first of our custom images that really served as a Lodestone (though they didn’t have a special name then) was in 2002, for the Bridging Heaven and Earth Foundation. We had been interviewed on the Bridging Heaven and Earth TV show, talking about how we began to create art to catalyze the emergence of global being (the TV show is here).

We wanted to use our artwork to augment this foundation’s good work, so we created a mandala for them with input from the founder, the late Allan Silberhartz. They loved the image and put it on their website. This creation spurred us to extend this service to other transformative organizations and individuals. The list of custom mandalas is quite long and varied: organizations including national conferences, cathedrals, health centers, subtle activism organizations and sustainability businesses; and individual yoga entrepreneurs, healers and others who are purposed toward serving planetary evolution.


TRCC Lodestone
Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory

Sacred art and evolutionary alchemy come together when we co-create a Lodestone with a client. The individual or group participates actively in the visioning. We use a simple questionnaire that helps surface elements, geometry, symbols, feeling-concepts, and colors that evoke the work that we are embodying in the Lodestone image. We attune together to the vibrational energy of the endeavor that also wants to be invested in the “SeedSong” of the Lodestone. All the elements are mixed via visual-vibrational alchemy until a form starts to take shape. A very powerful byproduct of this visioning process is increased coherence amongst members of the group. For all clients, there is a feeling-recognition that the essence of their endeavor is being grounded and given stronger Earth presence via the form of the Lodestone.

As an initial vision emerges, David and I begin the art creation. We share the early versions of the image with the client and we tweak and tune it until we all feel “Yes!” Some images take shape quickly and others evolve over numerous iterations, but the Lodestone that emerges never fails to evoke mutual satisfaction.

In addition to the deeply enjoyable process of co-creation, ongoing benefits flow from these Lodestone images. Here are a few:

    1. You have a radiant visual embodiment of the multi-dimensional reality of your individual or group work. Contemplating the Lodestone can help focalize, ground and enliven the energies you are holding in your self and your group.

    2. Since our art is very structural and geometric, it has a positive effect on the space where it hangs. By displaying your SeedSong Lodestone in home or office, you create a structured evolutionary space that supports the specific work that you are doing. Mandala artists have always known that the 2-D representation of such an image acts as a projector of sorts for an actual sacred space.

    3. Since our art is composed from Nature elements, it connects you to Gaia on many levels. There is, first of all the, the colorful, sensuous beauty of the image itself. By inviting Nature’s elemental richness into your indoor space, you bring balance to our increasingly electronic work environments. Beyond this, the Lodestone connects you to the powerful manifesting energies of Gaia, which continues to bring blessings to your work as it grows and evolves.

    4. There is also a collective benefit. Your Seedsong Lodestone is inherently part of a grid of every Lodestone we’ve made, forming a “living mandala” that further amplifies and supports the work of each group or individual in the Lodestone assembly.

    5. If you work with inner intuition, your Lodestone can serve as an interface with caches of information embedded in the organic and inorganic libraries of the living Earth and Cosmos. While this information may or may not express itself to you in words, you can be informed and enriched by connecting, via the Lodestone, with these sources of accumulated knowledge.

If you’d like to see some samples of Lodestones we have made, you can visit our Custom page. This is by no means a comprehensive selection, but it’s a taste of what can emerge. If you are interested in a Seedsong Lodestone for yourself or your organization, we would be delighted to get an email at followed by a conversation to explore the possibilities. As I think you can tell, co-creating these empowering images is something we truly enjoy.

Happy Springtime,
Bonnie and David

Bless Your Spaces

“Your home is an extension of your body and spirit. As you give to your home, you give to yourself. As you might have experienced, your space reflects and affects your inner life. If you bless your home and lavish it with love, it becomes a gracious holder of your dreams.”
Jayme Barret

It’s fitting that I am writing this on “throwback Thursday” because making pictures for our walls is how we got started making art back in the 1990’s. We intuited that the way to move into an uplifted world was to create a space that already embodied that radiant environment. The practical way to accomplish this shift was to depict it visually around us. What you can see, you can feel. And once you can steadily feel something, it becomes real to you.

We had a head start on this understanding from years of being surrounded by traditional sacred arts. What we were creating to bless our own space, though, was not spiritual art, but Gaian art. It was sourced in Nature photographs and remixed to reflect our growing understanding that the Earth was a living, intelligent, multi-dimensional presence. To evolve with Earth, we needed to see her in this new light. By putting our visions on the walls of our home, we could live inside that emergent reality now.

ART ON WALLS (1 of 4)

Much of what we have shared via this blessing newsletter has been onscreen videos and images (and more of those are forthcoming). The primary effect of our electronically shared images is to support personal and collective transformation. The effect of our 3-D wall art, though, is different.

The “Seedsongs” in the art (the material-subtle encoding in the image) work at several levels to uplift your spaces:

    1. Seedsong art clears old energies from the space where it hangs.

    2. This art raises the vibration of the spaces.

    3. The images connect your home or office to Gaia in her emergent form. Not just Nature, but new Nature, illumined by the light of the higher dimensions.

What happens when these effects are active in your setting? When you are in those spaces, you feel more clarity and more serenity. You can access energies that support you from the crown to the base of your body— vision, intuitive knowing, communication, heart-love, creativity, relationship, and grounding come more easily. You are fed by the colorful beauty-power of Nature herself, present inside your rooms. Your home and workplace take on the feeling-quality of vibrant life, even sanctuary.

ART ON WALLS (3 of 4)

Various scientific and metaphysical sources can be cited to back up these statements, but you readers already have an intuitive understanding of these matters. What’s key here is the awareness that we human animals, like all flora and fauna, evolve in response to our environments. Not just by pressure from stressful shifts, but also through the effect of positive influences in our surroundings. This is why hospitals and healing centers so often now put Nature art on the walls. Their patients heal better and faster when they are surrounded by such images. Our Seedsong art reaches beyond just the natural to the deliver metanatural, multi-dimensional blessings that touch every level of being.

We heal and evolve from the outside in as much as from the inside out. Yes, you can engage consciously with images to amplify intentions for growth, but you can also simply live and work in spaces that are blessed with these activated images and absorb their help on a daily basis.

We have at least five different styles of art (you can read more here Today, I’ll just mention two of these. Our geometric mandalas, with their symmetrical structure (above and below, right and left in balance) particularly support the unity of matter and spirit, or Earth and Heaven. This harmonizes these two great aspects of life in your spaces and thus in yourself. Our Nature Portal style of art, which features a realistic photograph of a natural scene inside a symmetrical border, do exactly what the name implies—they provide a window through which Nature gracefully enters your home or office. Truly, though, any of our images that you are attracted to will work as an uplifting influence in your home or office.

ART ON WALLS (4 of 4)

We recently had the wonderful experience of working with one of our favorite healers who wanted to bring our art into his office. I include the full letter he sent us, below, because he shares his perspective on the images, and also the ease and satisfaction of ordering prints through our excellent online printing partners. By the way, he also mentions consulting with us about his image selection. If you contact us, we are happy to assist you in making your choice.

P.S. For the month of March, use this coupon code, LPMECH, for a 15% discount when you order a print.

I have been an alternative health practitioner for the past 40 years. My practice has recently been evolving and I found myself needing to reorganize my office to better accommodate the changes. Having rearranged, I felt that there was something missing and realized that adding new art to the space would fill that gap. I wanted the art to reflect and support what I was doing, particularly in the area of healing energy, providing that not only for my clientele, but for me as well.

I mentioned that to Bonnie Bell and David Todd, a dynamic duo who have for decades been creating beautiful art with the intent for it to be a tool for healing on many levels. They graciously invited me to look at a broad panorama of their work. Bonnie and David have a keen artistic sense and a deep understanding of many approaches to healing. We had a very fruitful collaboration as they listened to my ideas and desires, thoughtfully shared information and perspectives, and assisted me in arriving at the particular artistic renderings that suited my needs.

One great tool that they have on their website allows one to pull up the particular picture of interest and add framing and matting to see how it might look in advance. The order can be placed online and the framing company that they work with typically gets the order out in 3 days. The quality of the framing and matting is first rate, and the prices better than anything I have ever seen. My pictures arrived within a week and were as good as I had hoped they would be. There doesn’t need to be any trepidation about ordering on any level as if you don’t like it for any reason, you send it back for a full refund.

Henry Hall, Lic. Nutritionist, D.PSc, Certified NES Practitioner
Self Heath Systems, LLC
Tallahassee, FL

Sacred Arts and Evolutionary Alchemy

“Art alters us. This certainty underlies the initiatory and healing imagery of all human cultures. Our artist-ancestors who painted stirring images on cave walls knew intuitively what modern science now verifies: We Homo Sapiens are greatly affected, as most creatures are, by the color/shape/figure input we receive from the outside world. As a matter of survival and also evolutionary adaptation, we are structured to respond (amid many simultaneous sensory responses) to the vibrational wave-pattern information we take in through our optical sensors.

Our inborn visual response mechanisms, though clearly geared to survival purposes, can also be directed toward lofty goals. Sacred scientists in every age have, via meditative and altered states, envisioned how to use art for the purposes of consciousness expansion and healing. Through a process of deep self-informing and trance vision, these men and women created imagery designed to induce changes of state.” 

GaiaStar Mandalas: Ecstatic Visions of the Living Earth  p.12

You will note from the Bell & Todd banner (above) that our 2015 work will focus on sharing our sacred arts as well as instruction and the art-based tools for evolutionary alchemy.

We use the word sacred to describe our arts (in their form as images and words) rather than spiritual. We tend to think of spiritual things as subtle, and while there certainly are subtle elements in the composition of each image, the material elements are visible and essential. The word sacred embraces the understanding that the source-matter and source-spirit in the creations are equally divine.

Sacred arts, as described in the quote above, are purposed toward the awakening of consciousness and transformation. Of course, our aesthetic goal is to make our images beautiful in service of this uplifting purpose. By combining colors, shapes and patterning of the living world with evocative language, we aim to create a vibrational tapestry that communicates directly to our bodies and feeling.

Evolving Light                                                                            

Evolutionary alchemy describes the cluster of technologies, tools, and teachings that empower you to use the sacred arts for genuine transformation. David and I are drawing on our decades of experience with more traditional spiritual practices as well as newly revealed techniques. We’re developing 21st century methods for engaging actively with personal and collective evolution.

What’s interesting is that the foundation expression of the evolutionary alchemy we use and teach was revealed to us, fully born. The Buddhists might describe such a received teaching as a “mind treasure”. In 1993, we started intuitively downloading this alchemical information, then embodying it in images and words. This quite complex and futuristic alchemy emerged in our very first publication, The GaiaStar Codex: Seeds of a Turned On World in 2000.

We have been following the thread of this revealed alchemy as we have encoded new libraries of images and writings. Over the past 4 years, we have turned our attention to creating art-based tools and training that catalyze and enable different aspects of intentional evolution. Many of you newsletters readers have engaged with some of our initial tools and programs such as the HealEssence video, the Peace Healers program and various collective meditations that have been powered by visual imagery and words.

The offerings we are now completing are modules of a coherent evolutionary program. Our goal has been to create tools and techniques that allow you to heal and grow at your own pace, where you are. Since our sacred art emerged from a digital cauldron, it is ideally suited for transmitting via electronic media.  These visual-energetic tools give you a way to empower your personal and unique process in harmony with the collective and planetary shifts.

How does this work? Here are a few of the steps:

  1. You set an intention. For instance, you choose to clear yourself of energetic locks, blocks, and cords that are limiting your ability to grow and evolve. You choose the Bell & Todd module that addresses those particular limits. The visual-vibrational information in the images and words (what we call the “seedsongs”) interact with your unique patterning.


  1. As the encoded seedsongs interact with your system, you gently and systematically release old limits and absorb new, clear energies. You also have the opportunity to write about the process so that the energetic experience can be cognized and understood by your mind.


  1. The seedsongs you have engaged with keep working over time as a flow of uplifting, clearing energy in your system. The shift becomes grounded in your being, bringing you a sense of serenity.


  1. When you are ready, you engage with another module. Your inner evolutionary desires are magnified by the empowering elements in these programs. Your growth, as registered in the morphogenetic field of humanity, serves the evolution of all.

Though this whole evolutionary venture was revealed from the early days of our work, it has taken almost 20 years to manifest all the pieces. Not only was it necessary (and fun) to generate an abundance of images and words to fill out the offering, we also had to “reverse engineer” the alchemical methods for engaging with them. Welcome to Bell & Todd 2015, when what was shown in the early 90’s comes to a screen near you!

Pink Mandala Mama

Bright Ally Mandala

During October, I’m going to be posting and writing about 22 Pink Mandalas from our Bell and Todd Arts creations. As someone who has survived Stage 4 breast cancer, I send deep, loving blessings to all who are dealing with this challenge and all the caregivers who share the journey. One way David and I can support you (and everyone who wants to heal in any way) is to share our healing mandalas.

We have created a Pink Mandalas Gallery for breast cancer healing on our fine art website where you see all 22 mandalas. Simply gaze on the image onscreen and let its mix of vibrant Nature energies and uplifting spirit energies fill you. Breathe in the blessing vibrations and breath out stresses. Repeat as desired. All the mandalas are available 24/7 via the Pink Mandalas gallery link above.

If you want to have a 3-D version of any of these radiant mandalas, all the information about getting prints is on the page for each image. To make it easier to get printed art, we are offering a discount throughout October. Simply enter this code PUXXRZ on the gallery site, and you’ll get 15% off your order.

21 of the pink mandalas are made wholly from photos of nature elements, mostly flowers and crystals. There is, however, one Icon Mandala, called “Bright Ally” (see above) and on this page. For this month, I am assuming her mantle and writing you as the “Pink Mandalas Mama”. From Source in my heart to Source in yours, may the blessings flow.

And share them forward, please. It’s my hope that the free visions and healing words will reach all who desire to connect with them.

Here is a video version of my healing story as retold for the TV show “The Incurables”. Each of the two segments is about 10 minutes long.

Beauty is Strong Medicine

“Make no mistake, beauty is strong medicine. Like love, its emotional counterpart, beauty is a force of positive change. Our hearts and bodies are awakened in its presence. Even when nothing else can penetrate our suffering, we can be moved by beauty’s touch. It arouses us in ways that benefit both body and emotions. It turns on cascades of chemical support to the cells. In its embrace, we can walk past limits that otherwise seem too daunting.”

From Becoming New: Using Your Six Senses to Empower Your Progress


The month of October is the month when we honor those who have experienced breast cancer, both as patients and family. I wrote the above “Becoming New” article as I was healing from very serious breast cancer. There is no question in my mind that creating, and then engaging with, Nature-sourced art was a big part of what enabled me to recover against the odds.


Now, 11 years later, I find I have much more to say about how Nature’s beauty can be a tremendous help in healing. And how you can, as I did, engage with our Nature-sourced art to empower healing in your body, spirit and environment. I have a deep desire to pass along what David and I have discovered about healing with art over the last 18 years. I’ve also heard from some of you that you would very much like to hear about our discoveries. To begin that process, I am declaring this blog to be the first of 3 monthly communications on the theme “Beauty is Strong Medicine.”


My short commentary “Nature’s Beauty Uplifts Us” (below) introduces some fundamental observations about how sensory beauty aids the healing process. Next month, we will be sharing a slide show containing some of the original and most potent Healing Mandalas in our art libraries. We will write about some of the forms in which our Bell & Todd images and art-tools can be used for self-healing. Part III is still in design, but is also likely to involve video footage.



Nature’s Beauty Uplifts Us

Although there are purely subtle forms of beauty, I focus here on loveliness that we take in through our senses.


Here are four ways that elemental beauty supports wellness:


1. Nature’s beauty balances our emotions—A challenge of illness is this: disease patterns have emotional roots, yet knowing we have a disease often provokes the most stressful emotions. Here the sensory elements of Nature can come to the rescue. All our senses can come into play in a way that helps us release stressful emotions and activate helpful ones. For instance, the scent of lavender can bring wonderful calm, while the citrus scents can help us feel optimism and happiness. Certain warm colors can help us feel courage and strength, other soothing colors help us calm down. Our eyes are great helpers in this process—when we gaze on outside Nature and Nature-sourced pictures inside, all kinds of positive emotional changes take place.


2. Engaging with Nature, outside and inside, helps us heal—Being in Nature is an unbeatable support for recovery and wellness. Whether the environment is wild or park-like, we are fed by simply being outside. Since we spend the majority of our hours indoors, it helps to bring Nature inside. Bringing in flowers, feathers, stones—whatever seems to be a medicine-gift from Gaia, Mother Earth—can ground and energize our indoor settings. And yes, wall art that embodies Nature’s beauty is a documented aid to healing. Many studies have been done on the kind of art that adds recovery power to those in hospitals, and it is no surprise that art based on Nature photography tops the list.


3. Nature’s outer loveliness helps us connect with her living presence—When we call her Mother Earth, we are acknowledging the nurturing essence of the planet. We are literally fed from the cycle of sun, rain, growing things and mineral elements. But like any mother, she also has more to share, things to “say” and teach. It came to me early on in creating our Nature art that the Earth, Gaia, speaks to us through beauty. When David and I create an image, and then I write a meditation based on that image, that is the process I engage. I am listening to, and in a sense decoding, the information that is held in the patterns of the Nature elements. I tune into, and translate into words (as best I can), the message that is embedded in the colors, shapes and elements. We can all understand Nature though our hearts, and what we hear can be very uplifting and deeply healing.


4. Nature’s beauty connects us with the intelligence in our cells—Our bodies are elemental creations, built of the same molecules that compose everything on Earth. By opening our senses to the wonders of our planet, we come to connect more deeply to our own elemental, cellular beings. We may even gain intuitive insight into our unique healing process as we dwell in sensory contemplation. I write above about listening to universal messages that are embedded in a particular image. But sometimes a vision (in Nature or a photographic image) can allow us to understand what may be going on inside our bodies.


I had one such intuition when I was first ill. I was gazing on an image we made that contained a waterfall in a creek near us. I then internally heard the word “Water”, repeated very forcefully. This visual-verbal message prompted me to get our well water tested, and sure enough it contained microbes that were not supportive of my healing that needed to be cleared. I believe that the message came from inside (from the intelligence of my body), but seeing that beautiful waterfall triggered my awareness.


Dostoevsky is quoted as saying, “Beauty will save the world.” I know it helped save me. I hope that this and our forthcoming communications will help you embrace beauty as the strong medicine it is.


With heart-felt healing blessings to all,


Bonnie and David


P.S. if you know someone who is ill who would benefit from a life-giving image, for the rest of October we are happy to offer a discount on our images please visit our art site use this discount code PTDCPL.


A Mandala that Evokes Peace

The most popular mandala we have ever made is called CenterPeace (see below). Its soft colors and shapes seem to effortlessly open our feeling into the quiet space of inner peace.

This photo-collage is made entirely of rose petals growing on our deck in Northern California. We scanned the petals and, using a 4-sided geometry, layered them into the image you see.

We have chosen the CenterPeace mandala as the visual focus for the guided meditation that David Todd will be leading on the Spirituality and Peace free teleconference call on Sunday July 14, 2013 at 12 noon-1 pm EST. In David’s talk, “Building a Field of Peace—Empowering Inner Peace and Collective Blessing,” he will speak about new evolutionary ways we can work together to heal the roots of conflict and strife. The meditation will support inner peace and will bless the collective field of the US.

CenterPeace Mandala

“The reds, pinks and gentle green of this mandala are the colors of the heart chakra. This image invokes the peace that arises from within, free of the polarized states of conflict and fear. It helps us locate the field of serenity that is always present in the center of being.”

If you would like to sign up for the free Summer of Peace events, including David’s talk and meditation on 7/14, visit the Summer of Peace website. On that page, you will also get a link to receive a free sample of our Peace Codes e-book.

We hope you will join us for this heart-healing and nation-healing event. On that day, or on any day, bring up the CenterPeace image on your screen to let your eyes and feeling guide you into a space of serenity and peace.

Building a Field of Peace

I want to explore some of the emergent understanding about how we really work together as a “band of blessers.”

In this Internet age, people around the world frequently join together virtually to help people via their attention and subtle energy (for example, directing comforting energy to people after a natural disaster). But how does that group blessing activity actually work? One of the pioneering organizations in understanding this kind of coordinated activity is the Global Coherence Initiative, or GCI ( Here is what Dr. Rollin McCraty, GCI lead scientist says:

“A growing body of evidence suggests that an energetic field is formed among individuals in groups through which communication among all the group members occurs simultaneously. In other words, there is a literal group ‘field’ that connects all the members.” 

Dr. McCraty’s quote deals with a group communicating at the same time, or a “synchronous” gathering. What is quite remarkable to discover is that a subtle field of positive energy (or blessing) can also be built by people coordinating through “asynchronous” (not simultaneous) communication–by reciting the same mantra, or by looking at the same image or the same video. For instance, even if you watch the Blessings for Japan video at a completely different time than I do, our common intention and applied attention builds a field of blessing. And each person who joins in makes that field of blessing richer. Your unique presence and all the organic and spiritual energies that comprise your multi-dimensional self get added to the resonant field built by all the participants. 

David and I have been exploring this area of global blessing for many years, beginning with our World-Healer mandala and meditation created 9/11 in 2001. We were called to create a body of images and meditations that would serve the uplift of our planet and the awakening of our emergent collective consciousness. These energy-encoded images and meditations were published in a special 7-year series of Healing Mandalas calendars, and these same images (along with a few more) are the basis of our Big Earth Blessings videos. This series of images are the body of the PeaceCodes e-book and the Peace Healings programs that we will be launching this summer. Again, the aim in creating these energetic media is to provide visual means for building a field of blessing. We want to thank all of you who have joined in this collective blessing endeavor. Your contribution to the field is felt and valued.

In the midst of creating this series of Peace-encoded images, we connected with the Gaiafield Project ( The Gaiafield Project, founded by Leslie Meehan, PhD and David Nicol, PhD, is focused on “subtle activism”, or the contemplative art of directing collective attention toward world change. We continue to collaborate actively with our wonderful friends in the Gaiafield Project. One of the evolving technologies for field-building that has come out of our subtle activism explorations is an “Attunement” process. This is an interactive group meditation event that allows participants to connect most deeply with multi-dimensional energies and helping presences and with the field of Gaia, the living planet. If you visit the Gaiafield Project website, you’ll find invitations to the Gaiafield Attunements that will be happening this summer as part of the 2013 Summer of Peace and the International Day of Peace, September 21.


Though I am trying to give clear descriptions of how field-building can take place, I do not want to give the impression that this is a mechanical process. Quite the contrary, the most important ingredient in the creation of blessing fields is our hearts, and our compassionate desire to see our world reborn. The engine of blessing is love, directed from the heart and amplified by networking with the love of others. Dr. David Nicol of the Gaiafield Project writes this in his upcoming book, Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimensions of Social and Planetary Transformation:

”One of the most meaningful tasks of our times, then, may be to evoke experiences of global communion of such sublime joy that an unspoken vow is made, from the most intimate heart of humanity, to persevere through the trials ahead, to heal the wounds of our collective past, and to accept the pain that must accompany the birth of planetary awareness.”

We cannot, and would not want to, avoid the emotional challenges of this collective transformation; yet it does ease the heart to know that we are all engaged, body and soul, in making a difference.


If you didn’t get a chance to watch our latest blessing video, Visions of Gaia’s Grace, see it here.

The 2013 Healing Mandalas Calendar: Blessings of Heaven and Earth

As you might expect, the new year’s calendar marks a shift to a new vibration. The words and images resonate with the world that emerges from the portal of 2012.

Starting in January, each month’s image is accompanied by a simple blessing. In a subtle but real way, these blessings are different than meditations. They honor and praise the Source of Heaven and Earth in non-denominational language. This “Gaian language” has emerged from writing the messages in the art for many years. It is vocabulary that is sacred without being religious.

Below is the January image, “The Dawning,” along with its blessing.

The Dawning Mandala

Radiant daisy, petal-sun, shine on us and waken our hearts.
Soft and spacious sky, show us how to open from the core.
Spirit of Earth and Heaven, bless our emergence into this new world.

The visual content and structure of these images is special. We have created flower-constructs from whole flowers and coupled them with mandalas built from NASA’s great space telescopes. The combination of the very close view of our Earth, with the views of the cosmic skies really speaks to the breadth of blessing energies that come from Source.

If you want to have copies of the 2013, please order them as soon as possible. Many people buy them as gifts so we sell out of these calendars every year. Click HERE to go directly to the products page of our website.