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Bless Your Spaces

“Your home is an extension of your body and spirit. As you give to your home, you give to yourself. As you might have experienced, your space reflects and affects your inner life. If you bless your home and lavish it with love, it becomes a gracious holder of your dreams.”
Jayme Barret

It’s fitting that I am writing this on “throwback Thursday” because making pictures for our walls is how we got started making art back in the 1990’s. We intuited that the way to move into an uplifted world was to create a space that already embodied that radiant environment. The practical way to accomplish this shift was to depict it visually around us. What you can see, you can feel. And once you can steadily feel something, it becomes real to you.

We had a head start on this understanding from years of being surrounded by traditional sacred arts. What we were creating to bless our own space, though, was not spiritual art, but Gaian art. It was sourced in Nature photographs and remixed to reflect our growing understanding that the Earth was a living, intelligent, multi-dimensional presence. To evolve with Earth, we needed to see her in this new light. By putting our visions on the walls of our home, we could live inside that emergent reality now.

ART ON WALLS (1 of 4)

Much of what we have shared via this blessing newsletter has been onscreen videos and images (and more of those are forthcoming). The primary effect of our electronically shared images is to support personal and collective transformation. The effect of our 3-D wall art, though, is different.

The “Seedsongs” in the art (the material-subtle encoding in the image) work at several levels to uplift your spaces:

    1. Seedsong art clears old energies from the space where it hangs.

    2. This art raises the vibration of the spaces.

    3. The images connect your home or office to Gaia in her emergent form. Not just Nature, but new Nature, illumined by the light of the higher dimensions.

What happens when these effects are active in your setting? When you are in those spaces, you feel more clarity and more serenity. You can access energies that support you from the crown to the base of your body— vision, intuitive knowing, communication, heart-love, creativity, relationship, and grounding come more easily. You are fed by the colorful beauty-power of Nature herself, present inside your rooms. Your home and workplace take on the feeling-quality of vibrant life, even sanctuary.

ART ON WALLS (3 of 4)

Various scientific and metaphysical sources can be cited to back up these statements, but you readers already have an intuitive understanding of these matters. What’s key here is the awareness that we human animals, like all flora and fauna, evolve in response to our environments. Not just by pressure from stressful shifts, but also through the effect of positive influences in our surroundings. This is why hospitals and healing centers so often now put Nature art on the walls. Their patients heal better and faster when they are surrounded by such images. Our Seedsong art reaches beyond just the natural to the deliver metanatural, multi-dimensional blessings that touch every level of being.

We heal and evolve from the outside in as much as from the inside out. Yes, you can engage consciously with images to amplify intentions for growth, but you can also simply live and work in spaces that are blessed with these activated images and absorb their help on a daily basis.

We have at least five different styles of art (you can read more here Today, I’ll just mention two of these. Our geometric mandalas, with their symmetrical structure (above and below, right and left in balance) particularly support the unity of matter and spirit, or Earth and Heaven. This harmonizes these two great aspects of life in your spaces and thus in yourself. Our Nature Portal style of art, which features a realistic photograph of a natural scene inside a symmetrical border, do exactly what the name implies—they provide a window through which Nature gracefully enters your home or office. Truly, though, any of our images that you are attracted to will work as an uplifting influence in your home or office.

ART ON WALLS (4 of 4)

We recently had the wonderful experience of working with one of our favorite healers who wanted to bring our art into his office. I include the full letter he sent us, below, because he shares his perspective on the images, and also the ease and satisfaction of ordering prints through our excellent online printing partners. By the way, he also mentions consulting with us about his image selection. If you contact us, we are happy to assist you in making your choice.

P.S. For the month of March, use this coupon code, LPMECH, for a 15% discount when you order a print.

I have been an alternative health practitioner for the past 40 years. My practice has recently been evolving and I found myself needing to reorganize my office to better accommodate the changes. Having rearranged, I felt that there was something missing and realized that adding new art to the space would fill that gap. I wanted the art to reflect and support what I was doing, particularly in the area of healing energy, providing that not only for my clientele, but for me as well.

I mentioned that to Bonnie Bell and David Todd, a dynamic duo who have for decades been creating beautiful art with the intent for it to be a tool for healing on many levels. They graciously invited me to look at a broad panorama of their work. Bonnie and David have a keen artistic sense and a deep understanding of many approaches to healing. We had a very fruitful collaboration as they listened to my ideas and desires, thoughtfully shared information and perspectives, and assisted me in arriving at the particular artistic renderings that suited my needs.

One great tool that they have on their website allows one to pull up the particular picture of interest and add framing and matting to see how it might look in advance. The order can be placed online and the framing company that they work with typically gets the order out in 3 days. The quality of the framing and matting is first rate, and the prices better than anything I have ever seen. My pictures arrived within a week and were as good as I had hoped they would be. There doesn’t need to be any trepidation about ordering on any level as if you don’t like it for any reason, you send it back for a full refund.

Henry Hall, Lic. Nutritionist, D.PSc, Certified NES Practitioner
Self Heath Systems, LLC
Tallahassee, FL

Honoring Earth Day

Scientist James Lovelock was the first in modern times to use the name “Gaia” to describe the dynamic, self-regulating entity. His hypothesis has catalyzed the ecology movement and given people a global vision. Yet there is a further step to be taken in championing our living planet. It involves an acknowledgement of the actual awareness that lives in the plants, creatures, and even the geological structures of our world. Humanity is only one aspect of the vastly aware entity of our planet. The step that takes us into profound connection and communion with Earth involves a recognition that Earth has/is a Spirit.

Gaia, the Spirit of Earth, has been the primary icon and persona that has fueled our art work. The very first collage David and I ever published, called “New Earth Angel,” featured the head of a Tibetan goddess, the wings and torso of Isis, with her lower body being Planet Earth as seen from space. We have refined and re-created this visualization of the Earth as a multi-dimensional, diverse yet coherent presence many times. Below you will find the latest version, “Gaia Ma,” the Living Earth (click on the image to see a larger version).

Gaia Ma Mandala

The mysterious truth of the presence of Gaia is that everywhere on Earth is her place. What we do locally serves globally. Here in our part of the world, we are dealing with a land use challenge that could turn our quiet semi-rural neighborhood into a throughway for apartments and pave over tree-filled, creature-filled wild acreage. So our Earth Day efforts this year are dedicated to protecting this specific zone with the intention of honoring the whole. You undoubtedly have issues you are addressing in your area or in a place on Earth that calls to you. Wherever each of us responds to the needs of the planet and her beings, we are serving the beautiful, complex, interdependent wonder of our world.

What special blessings can we invoke together on this Earth Day of 2012?

Magnolia Angel

On Thursday, we woke to a tornado warning here in North Florida and the news of more devastation and people lost across the Southeast. Across the street from us, a single magnolia blossom on a low branch took the form of an angel with spread wings. Since magnolias are such an iconic flower of the South, we felt a mandala made from this bloom would be a special blessing for this region. We have created a symmetry from the flower for the sake of balance, but know that the flower formed a perfect angel shape before we did that.

The border on this image is made from a picture of a flamingo that we took earlier this month at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. The soft peachy feathers connect us to the winged creatures here in the Gulf-Atlantic states and their special ability to lift our hearts. The Air Element, which can cause so much damage in its stormy forms, here appears as calming, uplifting Presence.

Through the interface of this Magnolia Angel, let’s join in sending love and healing light to all those impacted by the storms in the Southeast–and to anyone and anywhere in need.

Magnolia Angel

Dave’s Country Kitchen, or the Joy of Feathers

The heart of our courtyard garden is aflutter, literally. That’s the site of the squirrel-free bird feeder we call Dave’s Country Kitchen, since he is the one who keeps it full of seeds for the large and small birds. All day long, we are treated to the sight of our brightly colored friends, flitting in to partake of the feast.

nature picture

Flapping Cardinal

Drinking Robins

Cardinal Pair

We live in North Florida beside a strip of forest and a canopied road, in the midst of what used to be a pecan grove. A haven for birds of many kinds. None are more beautiful than the male cardinals, who stand out like Christmas ornaments against the year-round greenery. And none more lethally lovely than the red-shouldered hawk who sometimes lands on our back fence.

red shoulder hawk picture

Red Shoulder Hawk

We have worked with many feathers over the years in creating images. We used feathers and butterfly wings (our summer garden feeds these beauties) to depict the expansive “Evolve” theme in our GaiaStar Codex evolutionary guidance deck.

Seeing these birds does something special to me. Looking at them, I forget what may be dragging at my attention, and let my inner kid fly free. Even in the patterning in their wings, these air-beings convey a special message.  This message is easy to feel and see in the image below, made from photos of flicker and parrot feathers. We call this image “Kindred Spirits”.

mandala picture

Kindred Spirits

I think this name reveals the special function birds serve for us. They remind us of our own spirit-nature, our light-winged self, which may not so visible, but which nonetheless can fly.

Medicine Gift

Recently, setting out on my daily walk, I turned left instead of right. As I skirted along the edge of our lawn, I came up short: just where the grass met the street, there was a fairly large coiled snake, As its head was tucked under some leaves, I wasn’t sure if it was alive or not. From its markings, I made it out to be a garter snake, but it was a very unusual blue-green color. I’ve never seen a snake like this. I dashed back into the house to get David and his camera, knowing that we had been given a special vision, a medicine gift from the snake spirit.

nature picture


David shot a whole series of photos, in the process determining that the snake has passed on. When I returned from my walk, I carried the snake into the forest across the road from us, and laid it down with flowers from our garden, thanking it for choosing to show itself this way. Coming in, I googled on “green garter snake” and discovered that what we had was the Florida Blue Garter snake, an especially large species of garter native to this area.

A few days later, David got a prompt that we should finish a series of botanical ally images that we had begun this summer. These particular images are made by doubling flowers (and sometimes trees) in such a way as to heighten the recognition of their “faces”.  We had created one set of Botanical Allies for our “Visions of Selby” art show in Sarasota, Florida last year.

nature picture

Kalanchoe Botanical Ally

Now we are completing a second set of botanical allies who serve a slightly different healing function. The flower faces were mostly complete, but we needed a special border to put around them. We sat together, as we do, tuning into visual options, when we thought of the blue garter snake. With its curving lines and unique but subtle colors, it might complement all the flowers in this series. Quickly, we created a mandala from the snake photo, and it worked with every single flower.

nature picture

Orchid Ally

Deep cellular memory often makes us shy away from snakes. This is good defensive behavior until we have identified the snake (as I can testify from living many years in rattlesnake territory). Sometimes we tap into echoes of collective consciousness which identifies reptiles with evil. Yet snakes serve many functions in the bio-systems around us. Garter snakes eat small creeping-crawlies that otherwise eat my plants as well as aerating the soil as they move through the garden beds.

Beyond that, snakes represent kundalini energy rising up from the Earth below into the high domains. Intertwined snakes wrap around the caduceus, symbol of healing mastery. They appear in Hindu and Buddhist sacred art in association with certain gods and goddesses, and they evoke the life-creating power of our DNA strands. Strong symbols for healing and awakening.

In the creation of our new plant allies series, nothing could have been more of a gift than to find this blue snake. We honor you, snake spirit, as a medicine offering from the living world. May all who see you be blessed by this vision.