We love to create custom images for people, places, and organizations. What makes these images so unique is that we use elements that come from the local environment, as well as symbolic elements that resonate with each one’s purpose. For the Washington National Cathedral, for instance, we used elements from their Bishop’s Garden and their famous stained glass windows to create three custom images that connect people to this special setting. For a client in Santa Barbara, we co-created images that commemorated her entire organic estate. For The Wellness Community of Philadelphia, the custom image included photos of the bricks from their building and conveyed the heart of their healing services.

We have made custom creations for healing and yoga spaces, non-profit foundations and schools. We do personal custom images for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. Each image transmits a unique blessing and intention.

Here are some of our custom clients:

Washington National Cathedral—3 custom images for their Gifts of Spirit collection

Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, Florida—35 images made from the plants at the Gardens and displayed in a Bell & Todd show there called “Visions of Selby”

The Wellness Community of Philadelphia—signature mandala

nature picture

Cover art, Body Matters, book by Darca Nicholson

Nature picture
Bridging Heaven and Earth Foundation—signature mandala

nature picture
Deep Heart Suite—20 Earth-healing images from an organic estate in Santa Barbara

nature picture

Clear Ground Services—3 custom mandalas; also used as covers for hypnotherapy CD’s

nature picture

The Mystery School of Louisville, CO—signature mandala

nature picture

Kaivalya Bound—signature Mandala for this consultation service

nature picture

Dr. Peter Whitehouse, University Memory and Aging Center University Hospitals of Cleveland —signature mandala

nature picture

The process of creating a custom image is collaborative and enjoyable. We interview you, or the designer for your project, and gather what themes, colors, geometries and feeling-essence you want your piece of art to embody. Then we create a “draft” image that goes to you for review. If needed, we adjust the image so that it fully resonates with your vision. This co-creative process is itself a great pleasure, and yields wonderful and unique imagery.

The design fee for custom image varies depending on the complexity of the image. The fee includes our consultation time and our time in creating the piece. You receive a 16 x 20” matted fine art print of the image as part of the package. You can print larger versions of the image as desired and also get small prints to resell. If you are getting a custom image for your practice or studio, you can pay yourself back for the design fee by reselling prints of your image that we can supply to you. This can add greatly to your visual branding power. Additionally, these custom images can be licensed for use as logos, or on objects that create an ongoing visual connection with your facility, project or organization.

If your would like to speak with us about the possibility of creating a custom image, please call our Bell & Todd Studio at 850-562-1734 (Eastern standard time), or email us at