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Peace Codes: Healing Mandalas & Meditations for Embodying Peace on Earth

Peace Codes eBook

We invite you to experience 84 peace-filled mandalas and their blessing meditations in an e-book format. Accompanied by a 2-part introduction that illuminates both the encoding process and the nature of our art, this book is a feast for your eyes and for your soul.

A great advantage to working with these images in e-book format is that you see them in their “natural habitat’’—onscreen. Whether you view them on a computer, a phone or a tablet, the light shining through these organic mandalas amplifies their natural beauty-power.

There is an ancient saying, “You become what you meditate on.” By meditating on these 84 encoded visions, you absorb and spread their peaceful vibrations into the heart of humanity.

If there is such a thing as a ‘training manual’ from the Universe for fostering greater individual and collective peace on our planet, Peace Codes is it. In this (gently) revolutionary e-book, the compellingly beautiful visual experience that is Bonnie and David’s art has been lifted to an even higher level.

Through their impeccable creative process of heart-centered collaboration and constant surrender to inner guidance, they have brought forth a remarkable sacred container within which you are invited to engage with, be in relationship with, peace – within your own being, within the human family, within the earth, within the Source of peace itself.”

– Lynda Terry, subtle activist/peace catalyst and author of The 11 Intentions: Invoking the Sacred Feminine as a Pathway to Inner Peace

Published: 2013, Bell & Todd Arts
Pages: 202

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