Healing Ally Services with Bonnie Gold Bell

Mission goals:

To empower aware individuals, especially women, to heal themselves and our world. To share five kinds of code-work that fueled to my dramatic recovery from cancer and that I use in ongoing personal and global healing work. To witness and document the amazing healing work that we do together for the sake of all. To serve as a Healing Ally.

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My Services:

I do phone consults and tele-classes with women who are on a conscious path to wellness (details below). Whether you are currently ill, or simply reaching for a greater level of health and wholeness, I can help you draw in the various elements, both spiritual and practical, that empower your healing journey. I believe that there is no single way to heal, but rather a very personal and unique “recipe” that I can help you discover and activate.


Big Picture—I can help you get a multi-dimensional overview of your healing process, taking into account spiritual, energetic, interpersonal and elemental influences. This will help you gain perspective on your unique path to wellness.
Passionate Advocacy—I can support you in speaking up for what you want and need. When you can be proactive and feel that you are being heard, your healing energies are optimized.
Nature’s Inspiration—All the code-tools I offer you are based on Nature and natural elements. I will help you draw on Earth’s restorative energies, inside and out.
Compassionate Listening—Based on my own experience, I can listen without judgment or criticism, and can help you free yourself of blame and self-blame. We work together in the spirit of gentleness and ease.
Multi-sensory Support—I will give you ways to use all your senses to heal. Working with scents, sounds, colors can often bring new and joyous energy into your life.
Renewal—Illness gives us the opportunity, not just to recover, but to become new. I will help you discover how healing can be a gateway to personal rebirth.

Five Codes for Accessing Healing

My belief and experience is that we all have the capacity to tap into reservoirs of profoundly healing energies, but we need tools to access them. The tools I share work like an encoded key card that opens a hotel room—they help you unlock you inherent healing capacities. Not only are you deeply renewed, you are empowered by being the director of your wellbeing. Your capacity to be a World-Healer is greatly enhanced.

1. Image Codes—As I discovered, drawing on the multi-dimensional (Nature/Spirit/SeedSong) blessing energies in our mandalas and icons added powerfully to my healing. As your Ally, I can help you select images to work with meditatively and to bring into your healing environment. I can support you in hearing the resonant messages that come to you through the portal of each image. To hear me talk about this process on a recent radio interview with Dr. Melanie Barton visit The Dr. Melanie Show.

2. Vision Codes—One major aspect of healing is seeing beyond the challenges to get a new picture of wholeness and renewal. The tool I use for this visioning work is The GaiaStar Codex oracle deck that David and I published in 2000. This purely positive oracle is all about receiving the input that will make your future bright. It is always a pleasure to do readings as the stream of empowerment that flows through this deck humbles and delights me every time. As your Ally, I will help you pose the relevant questions and find the spread that will provide you the optimum support.

3. Scent Codes—For 20 years, I have been working with essential oils for the sake of healing. Part of my healing service is to create custom blends that address the moment of your healing and renewal. What is so amazing about essential oils is that they bypass the mind, speaking directly to your cells and to the emotional centers in your brain. As such, they offer a unique kind of healing help. When I create a blend for you, I also provide a simple reading that describes the energies coming through each oil, and the message from the blend as a whole. These essences are like angels of plant healing.

4. Name Codes—In my darkest time of illness, I spontaneously began remixing the letters in my name as a process of unearthing resources within me. The results were astounding. As your Ally, I offer you a reading called “Treasures in Your Name” that uses your name and the last names of both your parents, thus letting you access genetic gifts from both sides of your DNA lineage, as well as those unique gifts that come through your soul independent of parentage. This process is fun, revealing and affirming of your life path. For those who want to go more deeply into this process, I can guide you in journeying with the themes that emerge from your name.

5. Emotion Codes—The revelation that pressed me to take such an unconventional route to recovery was the inner knowledge that my illness would not heal unless I transmuted its deep emotional routes. In this domain, I use techniques that David and I evolved from our dowsing training as well as those derived from years of working with the wonderful medical intuitive and spiritual healer, Rev. Judy Miller Dienst. What I bring as your Ally is an understanding of how emotions are encoded, and thus can be decoded and re-coded so that they heal. What is beautiful about this process is that you serve not only yourself but also those with whom you have had deeply emotional incidents. Your understanding and forgiveness uplifts everyone and has a profound effect on your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

When I had 3 heart attacks in 3 days due to a rare heart condition, I asked Bonnie to help me come up with a plan for my healing. I knew it was important to take charge of my own recovery and find forms of support beyond the medical plan. Bonnie has been holding a safe and sacred space for my healing to unfold, as well as offering tools and practices that help me deeply access my own inner wisdom and wholeness. Our process, via phone calls and email is easeful, collaborative, creative – and joyful! Bonnie is excited for me at each sign of progress or breakthrough. There is something so comforting about having a personal healing ally who has made her own remarkable recovery. What a blessing that Bonnie has been guided to share the fruits of her experience and her artistry with others in this way!

Lynda Terry, author, The 11 Intentions: Invoking the Sacred Feminine as a Pathway to Inner Peace

Background and bio:

I have always been interested in healing of both body and spirit. As soon as I was old enough, I became an aide in a hospital. Throughout my high school and college years I studied natural health modalities in the US and while living abroad in Germany and Sweden. After graduating from Harvard University, I joined a spiritual group and spent two decades traveling the world as a speaker and educator. During those years, I also served as a doula-midwife, pastoral counselor, massage therapist, and diet-health teacher. Simultaneously, I immersed myself in the study of sacred art, especially Hindu and Buddhist.

In 1992, my interest in spirituality, art and health came together when the Human Potential Foundation gave me a grant to start The Center for Sacred Arts. I knew that there were keys to growth and illumination in the symbols and icons of traditional art, yet I was looking for ways to enhance the uplifting effects. I felt there was a way to bring Nature’s elements into play that would result in a new kind of sacred art. Eventually, I began creating spiritual collage art first by myself, and then with my husband David Sun Todd. From the beginning, the visual root of our Bell & Todd Arts has been Nature photographs. Our photo-collages meld Earth elements with Spirit via sacred geometry. We then invest the images with blessing energies, which we call “seedsongs”.

During this time David and I also studied dowsing as a technique for receiving guidance and doing healing. We embarked on a process of intensive inner work, doing thousands of hours of self-healing practice. The process of seeking guidance extends to our artistic creations as well. All our images are informed by core guidance. David and I collaborate, not only with each other, but also with Source, in making our art offerings.

I was lucky that we were already creating our unique style of healing images when I became very ill. In late 2002, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. The process of working with the vibrant code in these images was one key to my remarkable recovery. You can see a YouTube version of the TV show made about my healing here. I have written a number of articles about art and healing which can be accessed here.

In addition to working with our healing art, I actively embrace other kinds of code work (remixing scents and names, receiving visions from our GaiaStar Codex Oracle, and transmuting inner emotional content) to empower my wellbeing. I have shared these techniques with women for many years, refining and expanding each of these modalities. Now I am offering all five kinds of code-support to empower aware women to heal personally and to be a force of healing and uplift for the whole world. May these tools bring blessings.

How We Work Together

This work can all be done over the phone, with domestic or Skype connections. We have an initial free conversation, and then I get guidance as to which of these offerings, in which order, will support you best. My regular fee is $85/hr, $110 for 1.5 hours of my time. This rate reflects the time that I spend preparing for each service beforehand. However, I feel that everyone who wants and needs my help as an Ally should have it, so I am open to considering whatever someone can offer as an exchange. I receive endless grace and support in my healing, and it is my intention to pass that on. Together, we form a blessed tribe of global caregivers who use self-healing as a gateway to serving the world. Great work for such an important time on Earth.

To be clear, let me state that what I share is support for your spiritual self-healing and is intended to complement, not replace, your other medical and therapeutic activities. I offer a free initial conversation so that you can explore whether my services will support your journey to wellness. To set up a conversation, please use our Contact Page. Thank you.

Important note: Bonnie Bell is not a licensed health professional and offers Healing Ally services as a licensed minister and health advocate. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding health challenges.