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Our publisher did not renew our contract for the Healing Mandalas Calendar beyond 2015. After 13 years of continuous publication, we have put this project to rest. Thanks to all of our many customers who have purchased the calendar over the years. If you are interested in other publications and gifts that feature our art, please consider the products shown below.


Healing Mandalas Notecard Sets with Peace Meditations

Our Healing Mandalas Calendar in 2009 featured “Meditations on Personal and Planetary Peace”. Amber Lotus published notecards that feature these beautiful images (all with planet Earth in the center). On the front of the card is the name of the mandala with a phrase from its meditation, and on the back, the entire meditation is printed. These inspirational images share the timeless invitation to “Receive healing, strengthen peace on our planet.” The cards make wonderful individual greetings, and the sets make a thoughtful gift. Bagged sets contain 6 of the same cards with envelopes for $13.50. Amber Lotus Publishing, 2009

Awareness Card

Awareness Card:Click to enlarge

Awareness: Six Notecards $13.50
Sale Price: $11.00

Clarity Card

Clarity Card: Click to enlarge

Clarity: Six Notecards $13.50
Sale Price: $11.00

Intention Card

Intention Card:click to enlarge

Intention: Six Notecards $13.50
Sale Price: $11.00

Reflection card

Reflection Card: Click to enlarge

Reflection: Six Notecards $13.50
Sale Price: $11.00

Respect Card

Respect Card: Click to enlarge

Respect: Six Notecards $13.50
Sale Price: $11.00

Strength Card

Strength Card:click to enlarge

Strength: Six Notecards $13.50
Sale Price: $11.00

GaiaStar Mandalas: Ecstatic Visions of the Living Earth

This large format book contains 90 full-page GaiaStar Mandalas and the story of how we came to create this style of art. Arranged into six “songs,” these GaiaStar images take you on a visual journey into the heart of matter. $24.95 Pomegranate Communications, 2002

“These images go beyond the realm of magic and beauty. Bonnie Bell and David Todd have ways of bringing the entire universe, with all its majesty and complexity, into a very tangible and specific experience that is personal and soul touching while at the same time connecting the viewer to the cosmos.

I am in awe of the extraordinary gifts they have for truly celebrating the richness and depth of soul and spirit. These works will become an important part of history going forward, as they capture things far beyond the physical world and make them accessible to so many, in such a beautiful form.”

—Laurel Burch, artist, designer, entrepreneur

“GaiaStar Mandalas is a simply beautiful, full-color artbook showcasing gorgeous natural Mandalas celebrating the beauty and harmony of our mother planet. Although there is a brief text introduction, the majority of GaiaStar Mandalas is given over entirely to breathtaking color photographs of superbly presented art. The rich, vibrant color and texture patterns inspired by a multitude of cultural traditions are most impressive in this wondrous and unique gallery.”

—Midwest Book Review
GaiaStar Mandalas Book $24.95

The GaiaStar Codex: Seeds of a Turned-On World

Alchemical seed-images for catalyzing global emergence. This is an elegant boxed set of 64 full-color images on cards, a 104-page book describing ways to use them, and a fold-out map of the GaiaStar Realm. Complete boxed set is $24.95. Pomegranate Communications, 2000.

“It’s not your Aunt Matilda’s Tarot deck. It’s enticing, future-oriented, empowering, and thought provoking. Deep down it made me feel that I was on the right path. This is a very original approach to divination.”

—Magical Blend Magazine

“The GaiaStar Codex contains sixty-four riveting seed-images of the beauty found in nature. These compelling visions can inspire global appreciation of human nature’s splendor and Earth’s majesty.”

—Angeles Arrien, author, The Four-Fold Way

“The GaiaStar Codex … advances on the I Ching and Runes because it is much more than a means to glimpse the future. It is essential guidance for life and the spiritual journey. The GaiaStar Codex is a great treasure and a work of high art, at once alluring and fruitful in its effects.”

—Wayne Teasdale, author, The Mystic Heart

“A remarkable creation … unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It conveys a spiritually informed cosmic serenity, a sweet confidence in Being, and an inspired intuition of an emerging trans-species ecstatic planetary consciousness. [It’s] hip, playful, and prophetic … an amazingly rich riot of life, color, and cosmic vision … these cards envision an evolutionary renaissance.”

—A. Terry Patten, founder, Tools for Exploration

The GaiaStar Codex complete boxed set is $24.95.

Healing Mandalas Notecard Box

These colorful notecards are a perfect way to share the uplifting power of flowers. Due to their new large size and square format, the cards make a wonderful healing gift. The notecards come in an elegant box containing 4 each of four different mandalas made from petals. An insert describing the artwork is included. Boxed set of 16 cards and envelopes is $14.95. Pomegranate Communications, 2005

“I think the notecards are the most beautiful creation I have seen! They make peace. They make love. They make life….send them to your friends and enemies. They might even balance the budget! “

– Darca Nicholson, author, Siddha Vaidya practitioner

Healing Mandalas boxed set of 16 cards and envelopes is $14.95.
Sale Price: $12.00